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Have: Superstar Sets, Promos, & Spare Ultras

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Subject: Have: Superstar Sets, Promos, & Spare Ultras   PostPosted: Tue Mar 02, 2010 8:55 pm Reply with quote

Dragonball Z CCG (Specific cards)
Ani-Mayhem CCG

Sets include the superstar and their listed superstar specific cards.

Have a Nice Day
Double Arm DDT
Tree of Woe
Mr. Socko
Mandible Claw
Get Hardcore
Managed by Paul Bearer


Cactus Jack
Bang Bang
Cactus Clothesline
Tree of Woe
Barbed Wire Baseball Bat
Cactus's Double Arm DDT
Three Faces of Foley
Foley is Good


Dude Love
Feel the Love
Psychedelic Dance Fever
Tree of Woe
The Love Handle
Get Softcore
Three Faces of Foley
Split Personalities Have Benefits


The Mystery Wrestler
WWE Enforcer: Mankind, Cactus Jack, or Dude Love
Testicular Fortitude
I'm Hardcore, I'm Hardcore
You Don't Want to go Where I've Been


Kurt Angle
Your Freaking Hero
Angle's German Suplex
Angle's Moonsault
Olympic Slam
Where Are Your Medals
Bad to the Bone
I'll Make You Tap
Do You Live by the Three I's?
Angle's Leg Bar
American by Birth - Angry by Choice
Angle's Uppercut
Just Hold on a Second, Mister
The Kurt Angle Invitational


(Angle Cards from Survivor Series 3)
Kurt Angle
Your Freaking Hero
Do You Live by the Three I's?
Angle's German Suplex
Angle's Moonsault
Just Hold on a Second, Mister
Wrestling With a Broken Freakin' Neck
Olympic Slam


Team Angle
It's All About the Benjamins
The Hass of Pain
The World's Greatest Suplex
Leapfrog Stun Gun


Mr. Kennedy
Say it Loud, Say it Proud
Mmmmmisterrrrr Kennedyyyyy...
Mr. Kennedy's Mic
Backstage Signing Appearance - Mr. Kennedy Signature


Rey Mysterio
Luche Libre Extravaganza
Old School Luche Libre Extravaganza
The West Coast Pop
Who's That Jumpin Out the Sky
The Size Advantage
Rey Rey's Flying Body Press
The 619
West Coast Bronco Buster
Rey-Rey's Tope
Too Fast For You
Crossing Borders
The Big & The Small of it


Andre the Giant
Giant Head Butt
It's Not my Fault Being the Biggest and the Strongest
The 8th Wonder of the World
We Face Each Other as God Intended


Right To Censor
We're Here to Clean up the WWF
This is Unacceptable Behavior
Right to (Censor) Interfere


Rowdy Roddy Piper
Hot Rod
Bagpipe Introduction
Piper's Pit
Seen the Glory - Told the Story
The Rowdy Sleeper
Over Sell: Hot Rod Style


John Cena (SS3)
You Can't See Me (SS3)
Word Life (SS3)
I'm Gonna Teach You a Lesson in Thuganomics (SS3)
Yo! Kill da Beat
So... You think You're Untouchable
The Cena Throwback
Never Back Down - Never Quit
You Want Some! Come Get Some! X2
Five Knuckle Shuffle X4
The Chain Gang: Hustle, Loyalty, & Respect X3


Brock Lesnar (non-foil promo for Velocity)
Backstage Warm-up Routine
Here Comes the Pain
Brock Block


Leader of the Edge Army
Leader of the Edge Army (SS3)
You're a Human Vacuum Cleaner.. You ____ and You Blow at the Same Time
The Edgeucation of Adam Copeland
Liason with Lita X2
Listen You Reekaoid (SS3)
Cause I Want More
Cause I Want More (SS3)
Soda's Rule
Soda's Rule (SS3)
Edge Kick
Love - Fury - Passion - Energy
Scream if You Want It
Edge's Spear
Edge's Running Spear
Never Gonna Stop Me
Million Dollar Smile
You're Just a Puppet


Stone Cold Steve Austin
Lou Thesz Press
Do You Know What My Watch Says
Open Up a Can of Whoop-A%$
The Bionic Redneck (SS3)
Open Up a Can of Whoop-A%$ (SS3)
Gimme a Hell Yeah (SS3)
Stone Cold Stunner (SS3)
Patented Austin Kick to the Gut X3 (SS3)


Big Poppa Pump
All I Care About Are My Freaks and My Peaks
Freakzilla Says Boom Shaka Laka
The Big Bad Booty Daddy is Your Hook Up
Freaks Are Cool
Genetic Freak Push-Ups
Belly-to-Bely Steinerplex
Steiner Flatliner


Chris Jericho
Don't You Never..Ever
My Obscenely Expensive Jeri-tron 5000
Roll the Footage, Monkeys!
Jericho's Ensugiri
Walls of Jericho
Ayatollah of Rock'n'Roll-a
You Sanctimonious Son of a _____
Superior Acrobatics
World Tour '05 X2
Don't You Wish You Were Me
I'm Better Than You
Highlight Reel
Would you Please... Shut the Hell Up
I'm the King of the World
The Breakdown
Jerichoholics (SS3)


The Rock (SS3)
The People's Kip-Up
The People's Eyebrow
The People's Elbow
Your Brush with Greatness is Over
Know Your Role and Shut Your Mouth
Pego Pego, American Samoa
This is the Rock's Show X3
The Brahma Bull (SS3)
Just Who in the Blue Hell do you Think you Are (SS3)
Shades of the Great One (SS3)
Remove the People's Elbow Pad (SS3)
SmackDown! Hotel (SS3)
Do You Smell What the Rock is Cooking (SS3)
Rock Bottom (SS3)
Take That Move, Shine It Up Real Nice, ......(etc.) (SS3)
You Bring the A%$, We'll Bring the Whoopin (SS3)


(The Hurricane + The Hurri-Friends + Stacy Kiebler (Includes SS3 cards))
The Hurricane
Summer of Slam
Greetings, Citizen
Gregory Helm's, Ace Reporter (SS3)
Stand Back There's a Hurricane Coming Through (SS3)
I've Got Hurri-Powers (SS3)
Whassupwitdat (SS3)
Caped Body Press (SS3)
To the Hurricycle (SS3)
The Hurri-Friends
Super Masks and Super Capes
The Hurri-Friends' Armory
The Super Storm Front
Superior Leg Work
I know How to Use Them (SS3)
Pump Me Up (SS3)
Stacy's Roundhouse Kick
Too Hot for TV


Hollywood Hulk Hogan
Feathered Boa
Hulkin' Up
Original WWE Icon
Hulkamania: Always in Style
24-Inch Pythons X3
Original WWE Icon (throwback)
Say Your Prayers & Eat Your Vitamins (throwback)
Hollywood Leg Drop (throwback)
Hollywood's Big Boot (throwback)


Eugening Up
The Dream Lives On
The Jacket's Coming Off
The Pride of the Family
Hello, My Name is Eugene


Take it Like a Man
Flying Somersault Kick
500 Pound Love Machine
A Big Man has a Big... Appetite
The Sex Drive


Springboard Body Block
Japanese Flying Bulldog
...I Do Ask the Tough Questions
I'll Do Anything for the Scoop, But...
The Rising Sun


Managed by Melina
A-List Attack
There's Nothing Sweeeter
Melina Interferes
The Snapshot


Managed by Tyson Tomko
Christian's Shades X3
Just Close Your Eyes
Kazoo Theme Songs
Greetings to Our Fans in... Where the Hell Are We


Torrie Wilson (SS3)
Does this look Good on Me (SS3)
Strike a Pose (SS3)
The Boise Beauty (SS3)


X-treme Diva
It Just Feels Right
Girly Choke
Don't Call Me A...
When I Get You Alone


Triple H
Triple H v1.1 (ss)
Triple H v1.4 (ss2)
The Game
Leaping Knee to the Face
Facebuster v1.1 (ss)
I Am The Game
I Am The Game v1.4 (ss2)
I've Got Two Words For Ya
Triple H's Reverse Neck Breaker
Flip Over the Corner Ringpost
It's Time to Play the Game
Sledge Hammer Shot
Cerebral Assassin
The Game is Back, and The Game is Here to Stay
Game Over? You're ____ Right I'm Over
The Game's Sleeper
Lunging Choke Hold
You Don't Want to Play Me
It's All About Control
_____ the Rules
A Beating You'll Never Forget
Chyna Interferes
Stephanie Interferes
Cerebral Spray
Making The Game
Bring the Hammer Down X3


(Triple H cards from Survivor Series 3)
Triple H
The Game
Leaping Knee to the Face
I Am the Game
Cause I am... That... ____... Good
Flip Over the Corner Ringpost
It's Time to Play the Game
Cerbral Assassin
The Game is Back, and The Game is Here to Stay
The Game's Sleeper
Lunging Choke Hold
You Don't Want to Play Me
It's All About Control
_____ the Rules
A Beating You'll Never Forget


Yesterday is So Long Ago
I See the Line in the Sand
Nothing Ever Stays the Same
Evolution is a Mystery
If You Want to Play You Got to Pay
Gentlemen's Establishment


Randy Orton
The Youngest Champion in WWE History
Third Generation Superstar
The Legend Killer
Evolution is a Mystery (SS3)
I Spit in the Face Of...
The Ego Cutter
Fully Evolved: Only the Strong Survive X3


The Animal
Physically Dominant Force
Batista's Spinebuster
The Destroyer
Batista Bomb
Never Forgive - Never Forget
Blindside Spinebuster


Ric Flair
Diamonds are Forever and So is the Nature Boy
Now You're Going to School
The Dirtiest Player in the Game
The Game Interferes
You're Going to Space Mountain
The Flair Flop
The Best Thing Going Today
Flair Chop Block
16-Time Heavy Weight Champion


PR Promos:

World Wrestling Federation Tag Team Title Belts
Chain Lashing X2
That Wont Make the Cut
Overhand Chair Shot
Elimination Chamber
WWE Enforcer: Stone Cold, Triple H, or...Christian
WWE Enforcer: Chris Jericho, Kane, or..D-Von Dudley
Suicide Lariat X2
Atomic Knee Drop X2
Caution Dangerous Curves Ahead
SmackDown GM Stephanie McMahon
Get Off My Program
King's Crown X2
White Wedding
Osaka Japan
I Don't Care About the Heat
Change in Programming Lineup
Counter Productive Ambitions
How Important Is it X2
Lethal Library
...Where the Hell Are We X2
Armageddon X2
Babe of the Year X2
Brock Lesnar
Cheap Pops Rule
Survivor Series
Vengeance X3
Suicide Strike
Rumblings X6
No Way Out X7
Carlito X13
The Great American Bash X6
Chris Masters X8
Your Town
D-Generation X

TK Promos:

World Wrestling Federation Hardcore Title Belt
Backstage Signature (Can't make out who's)
Dirty Taker
A Few Heel Men
Activate X2
Lip Lock X19
Let Me Get A Shot In X7
Blatant Chokehold X7
The Power is Back X6
Big Time! X2
So Much Larger Than Life X3
WWE Spinner Belt

Ultra Rares:

The Icon..The Showstoppa..The Main Event
Hardcore Originator of ECW X2
Goldberg's Jackhammer
I Did it For You
Gettin Cheeky With it X3 (versions A,B,C)
Rikishi Driver
A%$ Drop
Here Comes the Money
Orlando Jordan: Chief of Staff
Control Your World
Van Daminator
Everything's Cool When You're..
Dude, Nice Hang Time X2
On Your Home Turf
A Good Old Fashioned Mugging
The Thump
Dernier Slam
At Ease, Soldier
Should've Seen this Coming
I Wish Monsoon Was Here
Divided You Fall
Stephanie Interferes
Managed by Tyson Tomko
Just Close Your Eyes
Incredible Athleticism
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