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DBZ DBGT Collection up for Grabs TRADE OR SALE

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Subject: DBZ DBGT Collection up for Grabs TRADE OR SALE   PostPosted: Fri Dec 02, 2011 10:45 pm Reply with quote

I used to collect Dragonball Z/GT cards back when they were BIG. I no longer need nor want them and would like to get them off my hands. Value them very low so if you are interested, let me know via PM saying that you saw the forum post. FOR SALE or TRADE (Video Games and Yugioh Cards ONLY)

Thinking somewhere around $40-50 for the list (GT Cards and Unlisted Cards will be included) +Shipping

There are approx. 1000 cards
List below is a portion of my collection

Ultra Rares:
Gotenks Lv1
Gotenks Lv2
It's the Inside that Counts

1 Orange Standing Fist Punch
2 Orange One Knuckle Punch
4 Orange Leg Sweep
5 Orange Arm Bar
6 Red Lunge Punch x2 (Foil)
7 Red Reverse Punch x3
8 Red Knife Hand
9 Red Palm Heel Strike
10 Red Elbow Strike x3
11 Blue Forward Foot Sweep x2 (Foil)
12 Blue Hip Spring Throw x2
13 Blue Round Throw
14 Blue Shoulder Wheel x3 (Foil)
15 Earth Dragon Ball 1
16 Earth Dragon Ball 2
17 Hidden Power Level
18 Saiyan Arm Throw x2
19 Saiyan Full Spin Kick x3 (Foil)
20 Saiyan Pressure Punch x2
21 Saiyan Neck Hold x2 (Foil)
22 Power Up! X4
23 Burning Rage! X4 (Foil)
24 Goku’s Surprise Attack x2 (Foil)
28 Vegeta’s Physical Stance x2
29 Yajirobe’s Physical Attack x2 (Foil)
30 Fall 7 Times, get up 8 times
32 The Untroubled Mind is Focused x4
33 It’s the Little Things That Matter
34 Straining Off-Balancing Move
35 Straining, Penetrating Attack Move x3
36 Straining Fake Left Move x3 (Foil)
37 Straining Tripping Move x3 (Foil)
38 Straining Arm Drag Move
39 Straining Ankle Smash Move
40 Straining Energy Defense Move x2
41 Straining Head Lock Move (Foil)
43 Senzu Bean
44 Goku Body Throw
45 Saiyan City Destruction
46 Goku Anger Attack x2
47 Raditz Total Defense
48 Goku’s Touch x5 (Foil)
49 Orange Wrist Flex Takedown x3
52 Orange Neck Restraints (Foil)
53 Orange Holding After Takedown
54 Red Knee Strike
55 Red Front Kick
56 Red Side Kick x4
58 Red Back Kick x4 (Foil)
59 Blue Big Outside Drop x4
60 Blue One-Arm Shoulder Throw
61 Blue Body Drop Throw x2 (Foil)
65 Black Fore Fist Punch x2
66 Black Knife Hand Strike (Foil)
68 Black Front Kick x2
69 Black Side Kick
72 Black Axe Heel Kick x2
73 Black Rear Spin Kick
75 Earth Dragon Ball 3
77 Earth Dragon Ball 5 x2
78 Roshi Training x2
79 King Kai Training x2
80 Saiyan Training x2
82 Tien Lv1 x2
83 Tien Lv2 x2
84 Yamcha Lv1 x2
88 King Kai Uniform
90 Mother’s Touch x2
92 Saiyan Energy Defense
96 Saiyan Sweeping Defense
97 Power Up More!
99 Blazing Anger!
103 Piccolo Honor Duel!
106 Yajirobe Lv1
108 Goku’s Energy Defense
109 Pccolo’s Energy Attack
111 Gohan’s Energy Defense x2
113 Krillin’s Energy Attack
114 Tien’s Energy Defense
115 Yamcha’s Energy Attack
118 Raditz Physical Defense x2
121 Nappa’s Physical Resistance x2
122 Yajirobe’s Energy Attack
123 Chiaotzu’s Energy Manipulation x2
126 Orange Lifting Drill
127 Black Takedown Drill (Foil)
130 Orange Tripping Drill x2
132 Red Rolling Drill (Foil)
134 Orange Off-Balancing Drill
135 Black Arm Bar Drill
136 Black Free-Style Drill
143 Black Physical Drill
146 Orange Body Shifting Drill
147 Black Striking Drill
149 Meditation Drill
150 Blue Neck Restraint Drill
151 Orange Joint Restraint Drill 151
153 Goku Energy Blast!
154 Piccolo Sidestep! X2
155 Piccolo Defense Drill
157 Eyes of the Dragon
159 Goku Lv2
160 Goku Lv3
179 Goku Lv1 HT
186 Earth Dragon Ball 6
192 Teaching the Unteachable Forces Observation x2
197 Saiyan Battle Terms
207 Power Gifting
208 Terrible Wounds x2
212 Piccolo’s Flight x2 (Foil)
214 Gohan’s Father Save
218 Unexpected Allies
219 Raditz Energy Burst
220 Vegeta’s Stance
224 Baba Witch Viewing Drill
230 Chiaotzu’s Drill
231 Goku’s Mixing Drill x2
233 Blue Life Defense Drill
235 Black Shadow Drill
237 Goku’s Capturing Drill
239 Roshi’s Calming
240 Vegeta’s Trick (Foil)
241 Vegeta’s Dragon Ball Capture
244 Saibaimen 244

2 Orange Kamehemeha Attack
5 Red Energy Disk
11 Saiyan Rapid Deflection
12 Saiyan Energy Focus x2
13 Empowerment!
15 Gohan’s Temper
18 Saiyan Concentration
19 Powerful Followers
20 Straining, Floating Attack Move
22 Straining Energy Move
27 Orange Thumbs Up x2
28 Orange Fist Detonation
29 Goku’s Sudden Outburst (Foil)
30 Time Is A Warrior’s Tool
31 Dodoria Energy Attack
32 Dodoria Flames of Fury
33 Jeice Flash Attack x2
34 Saiyan Planet Explosion
37 Jeice Lv1
42 Bulma Lv2
47 Guldo Lv3
49 Frieza Smiles
52 Jeice Comet Attack
57 Krilli n’s Anger Blast
58 Tien’s Power Burst
63 Yajirobe’s Gifting Drill
64 Chiaotzu’s Glaring Power
73 Red Implosion Drill
77 Dende Healing Drill
80 Black Erasing Drill
82 Black Standing Position
84 Black Driving Leg Thrust
89 Vegeta On Namek Lv4 x2
111 Krillin’s Power Tap
P1 The Talking Ends Here! X2
P2 Just Kidding x2
P3 No, Really Drill?
P6 Trunks Makes Himself Clear

8 Gravity Chamber
17 Blue Sidestep
22 Namekian Defensive Stance
27 Orange Fist Catch
29 Piccolo’s Stance
33 Red Power Lift
45 Black Anger Stance
48 Black Off-Balancing Punch
60 Goku’s Training
61 Namekian Elbow Smash
120 Tien the Watcher Lv4 (Alt Foil)

21 Orange Sidestep
26 Black Forearm Block
C1 Cell Smiles



-Black Videl's Power Kick 48
-Namekian Final Flash 70
-Namekian Heat Seeking Blast 75
-Namekian Swift Strike 79
-Namekian tornado Attack 80
-Saiyan Side Step 113
-Saiyan Uppercut 115
-Black Style Mastery 119 (alt foil)
-Grand Kai 132 (alt foil)
-West Kai Sensei 156 (alt foil)
Many non holo common, uncommon, and rares from this set. just ask!
Some of the rare non holo:
-Blue Style Mastery 120
-Namekian Stlye Mastery 139
-Orange Style Master 142
+ MORE just ask!

-Red Forearm Block 21
-Saiyan Duck 26
-Face Off Preview 1
-Black Backstab 36
-In the Groove 58
-Android 18, the Mom LV2 93 (alt foil)
-Orange Backstab 107 (alt foil)
Many non holo common, uncommon, and rares from this set. just ask!
Some of the rare non holo:
-Black Pivot Kick 95
-Daughter's Joy 97
-Heroic Force 101
+ MORE so just ask!!!!

-Majin Buu's House 73
-Orange Face Crunch 83
-Orange Gambit 85
-Orange Mouth Shot 87
Majin Buu's Flight 137 (alt foil)
Some non holo common, uncommon and rares from this set. just ask!
Some of the rare non holo:
-Black Style Mastery 126
-Elder Kai Sensei 138
-Namekian Style Mastery 139
-The Fusion Dance 149
+ MORE so just ask!

-Apocalyptic Battle 33 (TRADED)
-Black Jawbreaker 73
-Majin Planet Destruction Blast 110 (alt foil)
-Potara Earrings 114 (alt foil)
Some non holo common, uncommon, and rares from this set. just ask!
Some of the rare non holo:
-Potara Earrings 114
-Straining Power Move 120
+MORE so just ask!!!!

Kid Buu
-Blue Deviation Drill 40
-Black Bicycle Kick 35 (line in foil; printing error?)
-Ultimate Defense 84
-Saiyan Handstand 118 (alt foil)
Some non holo common, uncommon, and rares from this set. just ask!
Some of the rare non holo:
-Hercule's Dream Sequence 103
-Saiyan Beef 117
+ MORE so just ask!!!!

Tuff Enuff
-Red Smackdown TF5
-Namekian Charging Stance TF14
-Namekian Side Swipe TF12
-Blue Goku's Power Kick TF19 (little scratch)

Burger King
-Goku's Attack

-Rats, Foiled Again! LV3 x2
-Heroic Drill 22
-Super Android 13's Destruction Bomb M8
-Bojack's Defensive Shield 29
-Saiyan Broly Smash 11
-Returning the Favor CA25 (gold frame)
-Makyo Star CA32 (gold frame)
-Piccolo, the Puppet LV1 PS3
-Broly, the Gentle 81
PS1 Cell, the Puppet
PS2 Goku, the Puppet
PS3 Piccolo, the Puppet x2
PS4 Vegeta, the Puppet
PS5 Hercule, the Puppet x2
PS6 Stupid Tricks! x2

Other sets IDK:
-Goten lv1 177
+Personalities from all sets about a 100 so just ask!!!! (Ex. Goten 1-3, Hercule-Goku lv1, Grand Kai, etc)

100's and 100's of commons, uncommons, rares! total about 1000!!!! maybe more!
I also have a pile of Baby Saga DBGT Cards, Let me know if you are interested!
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