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Get to know, Your Kaitou!

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Canceled user

Subject: Get to know, Your Kaitou!   PostPosted: Mon Feb 06, 2012 10:15 pm Reply with quote

A new mechanic has been added to online play on, the Kaitou cards that is.
They start out face up off to the side in play, before you play any other cards and have a variety of uses. Some Kaitou offer a free colors modification, others rescue you from death. Overall, the Kaitou cards are like a miracle in your game once per game.
this symbol is not how many cards you discard from the top of your deck. It is the number of cards allowed UNDER your Kaitou Deck. Its purpose is for siding counter cards in between tourmanent matches and several cards activate during game play allowing you to retrieve cards out of your Kaitou deck. Remember, you are allowed only one Kaitou card. All cards under your Kaitou card, in your Kaitou Deck can be any kind of card, as long as they are not a second Kaitou type card.

This is a simple effect and should be the Kaitou of choice for beginners. Whether you use it to have the upper hand in color values, or get rid of their pesky protection effects, this card can also be used to make your opponent play their item cost twice if they are willing to risk playing a second item.

Another simple effect. During the game, you are forced to discard cards from your own deck. Your heart breaks as your only copy of a certain card has been tossed out. Get that card during set up and play it right away on that turn. You can get a character in advance to make sure you can save someone during recovery. OR perhaps you'd like to swap out characters, Power UP or use an effect from the hand like Inuyasha, Quick To Attack.

Draw 2 cards. You should already know what this means for any game.

This card definitely needs to be talked about!
The effect is not to write in any effect you want in the text box Laughing because of its massive 30 deck limit allowed, this card trades in its effect for a big side deck function. The purpose of this card was to give you an advantage at siding in counter cards during tournaments. But on this card is not at all useless!!
With Determined Slayer, you are practically on a shopping spree and get to choose between 30 item cards!!!!!

These Kaitous also do get more complicated.
For one, this Kaitou has no limit to how much it can be activated. The small deck size of 3 is a big price to pay for having an iffy effect. Cards like these are best building your whole deck around it. Make sure to use many cards that return characters to your hand >; )

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Canceled user

Subject:    PostPosted: Mon Feb 06, 2012 10:21 pm Reply with quote

Nice =D finally can use these cards now with the decks. And lol oh, right, didn't think of using cards that return to hand to counter brute force.
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Canceled user

Subject: >.<   PostPosted: Mon Feb 06, 2012 10:40 pm Reply with quote

i think he meant recycle chars so u can use brute force >.< RDY UR Abandoned Shrines Everyone !
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Joined: 27 Jun 2005
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Subject:    PostPosted: Tue Feb 07, 2012 4:20 am Reply with quote

Awesome! This will make online play much more fun.

I invite everyone to check out my decks, which I'm updating with kaitou cards, and rate them. And, PM me if you want to play so we can set up a time.
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