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House of Black & Orange (Baltimore, MD Group) Meetup/Tou

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Canceled user

Subject: House of Black & Orange (Baltimore, MD Group) Meetup/Tou   PostPosted: Tue Nov 20, 2012 5:36 am Reply with quote

The House of Black & Orange, our local Game of Thrones LCG group here in Baltimore, are hosting their first meetup and tournament on Saturday, December 8th. Doors open at 10:30, with the tournament starting at noon. Details for the tournament:

-Swiss Style Joust Tournament

-No Entry Fee

-Some neat prizes, including some custom house cards (such as House Bolton and House Dayne).

Posted Image
In addition to the tournament we will also be holding a raffle, which you are automatically entered into upon arrival, and if you sign up for our mailing list for future events, you even get an extra ticket! So even if you aren't interested in tournament play, please show up, and play some casual games and take a shot at winning some goodies, as well as meeting some cool new players in the area!

Amazing Spiral is being good enough to host it. They are located at:
711 W. 40th St
Baltimore, MD 21211
That's inside the Rotunda Mall

Please message me for further details, with any questions, or to be put on our mailing list.
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Canceled user

Subject:    PostPosted: Thu Nov 29, 2012 12:27 am Reply with quote

This sounds awesome. I wish you guys all the luck in the world. Let us know how it turns out.

P.S. Would you be able to post some pictures of the custom house cards? I think that'd be awesome.
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Canceled user

Subject:    PostPosted: Wed Dec 05, 2012 4:29 pm Reply with quote

Thanks for the encouragement. We're looking at a respectable turnout already, but I'm of course hoping for just a few more (always want more players!)
We had planned on putting up pics of the house cards before now, actually, but due to production issues and some health issues, they are just now getting finished, so it'll have to wait until after the tournament. I will definitely post up how it went and include some pictures of the house cards and maybe festivities in general after the fact tho!
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Canceled user

Subject:    PostPosted: Fri Dec 14, 2012 8:32 pm Reply with quote

How did it go?
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Canceled user

Subject: Tournament Report   PostPosted: Thu Dec 20, 2012 5:00 pm Reply with quote

This was posted up on cardgamedb as well, but reposting here for people who might be interested but aren't on both sites:
On a cold December morning, 19 Knights of Baltimore, DC, and surrounding areas, marched onto the battlefields at Amazing Spiral, each armed with their best deck, and ready to compete to be crowned the Knight of Crabs. The first House of Black and Orange tournament had begun.
The fields were resplendent with various houses and agendas in attendance, though some more than others. Five representatives of House Targaryen and five from House Martell had arrived, with the other houses evenly represented amongst the remain (3 Lannister, and 2 of each other). Six of these decks brandished the mighty Knights of the Hollow Hill, and another 3 set up camp with their House of Dreams. With four Swiss rounds of joust (to be followed by a final four bracket) ahead of them, these mighty warriors fueled themselves with coffee and caffeinated beverages, and the tilts began.
After much competition, the fourth round concluded with only one player left undefeated (Erick from DC), and many ties at 3-1. After a short break to raffle off some goodies, the final four was determined and ready to play. Current first place Erick and his Targ KotHH deck squared off in one arena against 4th place's Stephen and his Greyjoy KotHH. In the other arena were pitted 2nd place Robert and his mighty Stark HoD (with Harrenhal) deck against 3rd place Brian (myself) with my Targ KotHH. After a grueling battle, the final seeds were determined.
Robert and Stephen declined to play their tie-breaker match for 3rd and 4th, as each had their eyes on their one prize in particular (and Stephen had to leave). Stephen walked away with his custom house cards (, and Robert with a custom Winter Is Coming poster (no image unfortunately). The final matchup came down to two Targ KotHH decks, and what a bloody matchup it was. No less than 4 times Rhaenys's Hill was used, culminating in an epic final round where we each fought each other with our opponent's graveyard at once. In the end Erick took the much coveted title of Knight of Crabs (and the accompanying chapter pack prize), and I had to settle for second place and a vow to elicit my revenge at our next tournament in February.
As the dust settled, I smiled upon our grounds, ravaged by what I must say was a very successful and fun tournament, and looking forward to the next chance to do so.
(Special thanks to metamates: Ayon, Mike, and Gavin, for all the effort they put into organizing this event, and the subsequent running of it.)
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Canceled user

Subject:    PostPosted: Tue Dec 25, 2012 1:50 pm Reply with quote

I'm glad it went well.
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