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Trunks HW list

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Canceled user

Subject: Trunks HW list   PostPosted: Tue Nov 08, 2005 12:24 am Reply with quote

This is My Have/Want list, If you see anything you want or need just reply in the post, leave a private message or e-mail me at ***hidden email address***.com I come from Edo's site, there I had 5 refs as Ryou Ishtar. In Trade Cards online I'm trunks with 11 refs, and in VSrealms I'm Ben Reilly with 2.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Haves:
Andro Sphinx
Barrel behind the Door
Barrel Dragon
Bazoo the Soul-Eater
Berserk Gorilla
Big Bang Shot
Big Burn
Big Core
Black Tyranno
Blast Held by a Tribute
Byser Shock
Cannon Soldier
Card Destruction
Cat's Ear Tribe
Chaos Sorcerer
Chaosrider Gustaph
Chiron the Mage
Cliff the Trap Remover
Command Knight
Cosmo Queen (McDonalds Promo Pack 1)
Covering Fire
D.D. Designator
D.D. Scout Plane
Dark Designator
Dark Mirror Force
Dark Room of Nightmare
Dark Spirit of the Silent
Deck Devastation Virus
Destiny Board (Full LON set)
Divine Wrath
Drop Off
Fairy Meteor Crush
Fire Princess
Freed the Brave Warrior
Gearfried the Iron Knight
Goblin Fan
Guardian Ceal
Hallowed Life Barrier
Harpies Feather Duster (Stairway to the Destined Duel Promo Pack)
Insect Queen
Interdimensional Matter Transporter
Invader of Darkness
Kaiser Sea Horse
Limiter Removal
Magical Hats
Mask of Dispel
Mask of Restrict
Master Monk
Mind Control (World Championship Tournament 2005)
Mirror Force
Mirror Wall
Monster Reincarnation
Needle Burrower
Negate Attack (Sacred Cards Promo Pack)
Obnoxious Celtic Guard
Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth (Sacred Cards Promo Pack)
Phoenix Wing Wind Blast
Reaper on the Nightmare
Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon
Ryu Senshi
Sakuretsu Armor
Sasuke Samurai
Skilled White Magician
Skull Archfiend of Lightning
Smashing Ground
Soul Exchange
Spell Absorption
Spell Vanishing
Sphinx Teleia
Spirit of the Pharaoh
Stone Statue of the Aztecs
Strike Ninja
Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight
Swords of Concealing Light
The Fiend Megacyber
The Last Warrior from another Planet
Theinen the Great Sphinx
Torrential Tribute
Trap of Board Eraser
Triangle Ecstasy Spark
Twin-Headed Behemoth
Vampire Genesis
XYZ-Dragon Cannon (Collector Tin Set 2)

Yu-Gi-Oh! Wants:
BLS-Envoy of the beginning
Enemy Controller
Brain Control
Breaker the magical Warrior
Jinzo DB1
Mirror Force DB1

VS Haves:
Political Pressure
Wolverine NFF
Ghost Rider NFF
Human Torch, Hotshot
Invisible Woman, Sue Richards
Marvel's First Family (Foil)
Antartic Research Base
The Pogo Plane
Magneto, Master of Magnetism (Foil)
Forge, Cheyenne Mystic
Moira Mctaggert, World Renowned Genetecist (Foil)
Havok, Alex Summers
Rogue, Power Absorption
Nightcrawler, Fuzzy Elf
Professor X, World's Most Poweful Telepath
Wolverine, Berserker Rage (Foil)
Xavier's Dream
Donna Troy <> Wonder Girl, Amazon Warrior
Ka-boom! (Foil)
The Joker, The Clown Prince of Crime (Foil)
Earth's Mightiest Heroes (Foil)
Monica Rambeau <> Captain Marvel x2 (1 Foil)
Hired Hit
Owl, Leland Owlsley
Avengers Disassembled
Hyperion, Sun god
Dr. Spectrum Joe Ledger x2
AIDA x2 (1 Foil)
Power Princess, The Last Utopian (Foil)
Project Utopia
Project Liberator x2
Shocker, vibro-shock villian
Executioner, scourge of jotunheim x2 (1 Foil)
Bad Press
Gamma Bomb
Greater of two Evils (Foil)
Orion, Dog of War (Foil 1st ed)
Super Skrull, Engineered Super-Soldier (Foil)
Takion, Highfather
Blind Justice
Kingpin, Kingpin of Crime
Hero's Demise x2 (1 Foil)
Klaw, Ulysses Klaw x3 (1 Foil)
Spirits of Vengeance x2
Rigged Elections
Bring down the house x2
*beep* Grayson <> Robin, Sidekick
Namor, Ally of Doom x2 (2 Foil)
Kang, Immortus (foil)
Kang, Kang Ransom (Foil)
Kang, the conqueror x2
Lost City x2 (2 Foil, 1 1st ed)

EA Haves:
Hawkeye, Clinton Barton, Variant Extended-Art (House Of M)

I also Have commons And uncommons from MOR, MSM, MMK, MAV, DOR, DSM, just name it and remember to put the version of the card you're looking for.

VS SystemWants:

2 Thor, Odison
2 Spider-man, The amazing Spider-man (ALT Art if Possible)
4 Foiled
4 Ka-Boom!
4 Press the Attack
8 Savage Beatdown
4 Alfred Pennyworth
4 Will ‘O The Wisp
1 Spider-Man, Cosmic Spider-Man
4 Bat-Signal
4 Detective Work
4 Fizzle
4 Avalon Space Station
8 No Man Escapes the Manhunters
6 Total Anarchy
8 Flame Trap
8 Genosha
4 Rama-Tut Pharaoh From the 30th century
4 Valeria, Daugther of Doom
4 Boris, Personal Servant of Dr. Doom
4 Common Enemy
4 Cosmic Radiation
4 Sabretooth, Feral Rage
4 Scarlet Witch Edritch Enchantress
4 It's Clobberin' Time!
4 Signal Flare
4 Avengers Assemble!
4 Black Panther, T'challa
2 Hawkeye , Leader by Example
1 Jarvis, Honorary Avenger
4 Karla Sofen <> Meteorite, Celestial Power
4 Marvel's Most Wanted
3 A Second Chance

All Comments and Offers accepted but please no stupid ones. If you don’t ask about Condition/Edition you don’t care.

Please e-mail offers to:
***hidden email address***.com so I can take care of them faster.
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