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Brand new H/W list

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Canceled user

Subject: Brand new H/W list   PostPosted: Thu Dec 01, 2005 8:59 pm Reply with quote

V.A.J.T. Kirk GAB Irish Green Team

Please email only!!
***hidden email address***.com

Please mint cards ONLY!


Future Enterprise (AU)

Admiral Riker (WB) (DOM)
Seven of Nine (WB) (DOM)
Worf Son of Mogh (WB) (DOM)
The Emissary [BAJ,FED] Promo
The Traveler Promo
Lt. Sisko - 66 Promo TWT

Albert Einstein (WB 1994)
Alien Groupie (WB 1994)
Alynna Nechayev (BB)
Alynna Nechayev (WB 1994)
Ancient Computer (WB 1994)
Armus - Skin of Evil (WB 1995)
B'Etor (WB 1994)
Barclay's Protomorphosis Disease (WB 1994)
Barclay's Protomorphosis Disease (WB 1995)
Betazoid Gift Box (WB 1994)
Beverly Crusher (WB 1994)
Borg Ship (BB)
Borg Ship (WB 1994)
Crosis (WB 1994)
Data (WB 1994)
Data (WB 1995)
Deanna Troi (WB 1994)
Deanna Troi (WB 1995)
Devoras (BB)
Devoras (WB 1994)
Duras (WB 1994)
Explore Dyson Sphere (WB 1994)
Explore Typhone Expanse (WB 1994)
Explore Typhone Expanse (WB 1995)
Geordi La Forge (TIN)
Gowron (WB 1994)
Haakona (WB 1994)
Honor Challenge (BB)
Horga'hn (WB 1994)
Hugh (WB 1994)
Hunt for DNA Program (WB 1994)
I.K.C. Bortas (WB 1994)
I.K.C. Buruk (WB 1994)
I.K.C. Hegh'ta (WB 1994)
Interphase Generator (WB 1995)
Investigate "Shattered Space" (WB 1995)
Investigate Disappearance (WB 1994)
Investigate Disappearance (WB 1995)
Investigate Massacre (WB 1994)
Investigate Time Continuum (BB)
Investigate Time Continuum (WB 1995)
Jaglom Shrek - Information Broker (WB 1994)
Jean-Luc Picard (BB)
Jean-Luc Picard (WB 1994)
Jean-Luc Picard (WB 1995)
Kahless (WB 1994)
Kargan (WB 1994)
Kargan (WB 1995)
Khazara (WB 1994)
Khitomer Research (WB 1994)
Khitomer Research (WB 1995)
Ktarian Game (BB)
Ktarian Game (WB 1994)
Kurlan Naiskos (WB 1995)
Kurn (WB 1995)
Leah Brahms (WB 1994)
Lore Returns (WB 1994)
Lore's Fingernail (WB 1994)
Nagilum (WB 1994)
New Contact (WB 1994)
New Contact (WB 1995)
Pegasus Search (WB 1994)
Pegasus Search (WB 1995)
Pi (BB)
Pi (WB 1994)
Q (WB 1994)
Q (WB 1995)
Reginald Barclay (WB 1994)
Reginald Barclay (WB 1995)
Richard Galen (WB 1994)
Ro Laren (WB 1995)
Roga Danar (WB 1995)
Sarek (WB 1994)
Sarjenka (WB 1994)
Satelk (WB 1995)
Sela (WB 1994)
Shelby (WB 1994)
Sir Isaac Newton (WB 1995)
Study "Hole in Space" (WB 1994)
Study Nebula (WB 1995)
Survey Mission (WB 1994)
Tasha Yar (WB 1994)
Tasha Yar (WB 1995)
Temporal Causality Loop (WB 1995)
The Devil (WB 1994)
The Devil (WB 1995)
Thomas Riker (WB 1994)
Thought Maker (WB 1994)
Time Travel Pod (BB)
Time Travel Pod (WB 1994)
Time Travel Pod (WB 1995)
Tomalak (WB 1994)
Toreth (BB)
Tox Uthat (WB 1994)
Tox Uthat (WB 1995)
Tsiolkovsky Infection (WB 1994)
U.S.S. Brittain (WB 1994)
U.S.S. Enterprise (WB 1994)
U.S.S. Enterprise (WB 1995)
U.S.S. Hood (WB 1994)
U.S.S. Hood (WB 1995)
U.S.S. Phoenix (WB 1994)
Varon-T Disruptor (WB 1995)
Wesley Crusher (WB 1994)
Wesley Crusher (WB 1995)
William T. Riker (WB 1994)
William T. Riker (WB 1995)
Worf (WB 1994)
Worf (WB 1995)

Aletrnate Universe

Berlingoff Rasmussen
Beverly Picard
Brute Force
Coalescent Organism
Commander Tomalak
Compromised Mission
Data's Head
Devidian Door
Diplomatic Conference
Echo Papa 607 Killer Drone
Edo Vessel
FGC-47 Research
Fissure Research
Governor Worf
I.K.C. Fek'lhr
Ian Andrew Troi
Iconian Gateway
Jack Crusher
Major Rakal [ROM, FED]
Ophidian Cane
Quash Conspiracy
Rachel Garrett
Receptacle Stones
Ressikan Flute
Revolving Door
Risa Shore Leave
Samuel Clemens' Pocketwatch
Seize Wesley
Stefan DeSeve [ROM,FED]
Tasha Yar-Alternate
U.S.S. Enterprise-C
Vorgon Raiders
Warped Space
Wartime Conditions


Arbiter of Succession
Bendii Syndrome
Blade of Tkon
Drag Net
I Am Not a Merry Man
Ira Graves
Juliana Tainer
Keiko O'Brien
Madam Guinan
Mona Lisa
Mortal Q
Mr. Homn
Nick Locarno
Paul Manheim
Plague Planet
System-Wide Cascade Failure
Tarchannen Study
Terraforming Station
The Sheliak
U.S.S. Stargazer

First Contact

Admiral Hayes
Alyssa Ogawa
Assimilate Homeworld
Borg Kiss
Deanna Troi
Jean-Luc Picard
Lily Sloane
Magic Carpet Ride OCD
My First Raygun
Ooby Dooby
Paul Porter Rare
Queen's Borg Cube
Queen's Borg Sphere
Reginald Barclay
Scout Encounter
Stop First Contact
Three-Dimensional Thinking
U.S.S. Enterprise-E
Wall of Ships
Zefram Cochrane's Telescope

Deep Space 9

Benjamin Sisko
Cha'Joh [ROM, KLI]
Chamber of Ministers
Cure Blight
DNA Clues
Deep Space 9/Terok Nor [BAJ/CAR]
Defiant Dedication Plaque
Enabran Tain
Garak's Tailor Shop
General Krim
Going to the Top
HQ: Return Orb to Bajor
Investigate Rumors
Jadzia Dax
Jake and Nog [FED,FER]
Julian Bashir
Kai Opaka
Kira Nerys
Li Nalas
Mysterious Orb
Natima Lang
Orb Fragment
Plain, Simple Garak
Razka Karn
Shakaar Edon
System 5 Disruptors
Tahna Los
The Walls Have Ears
Tora Ziyal [CAR, BAJ]
Vedek Winn

The Dominion

10 and 01
Admiral Leyton
Betazed Invasion
D'deridex Advanced
Empok Nor
Founder Leader
Founder Secret
I.K.C. Rotarran
Lovok Founder
Martok Founder
O'Brien Founder
Office of the President
Office of the Proconsul
Orb of Prophecy and Change
U.S.S. Rio Grande
Zayra Rare

Blaze of Glory

Blood Oath
Boone Impersonator
Chula: The Abyss
Donald Varley
Enrique Muñiz
Fajo's Gallery
I.K.C. Koraga
Miles O'Brien
Worf Son of Mogh

Rules of Acquisition

Grand Nagus Zek
Quark's Bar
Quark's Treasure

Trouble With Tribbles

1,000 Tribbles (Bonus) - 129
1,000 Tribbles (Discard) - 130
1,000 Tribbles (Rescue) - 131
10,000 Tribbles (Go) - 132
10,000 Tribbles (Poison) - 133
100,000 Tribbles (Rescue) - 137
Arne Darvin - 77
Brunt's Shuttle - 109
Captain Kirk - 55
Chain Reaction Ricochet - 23
Council of Warriors - 40
Deep Space Station K-7 - 22
Dominion Battleship - 104
Dulmer - 57
Ensign O'Brien - 59
Executive Authorization - 4
Ferengi Infestation - 5
First Minister Shakaar - 43
Gal Gath'thong - 113
HQ: Orbital Weapons Platform - 25
I.K.C. Gr'oth - 110
I.K.C. Ning'tao - 111
Keras - 96
Kira [CAR, BAJ, FED] - 48
Lt. Bailey - 60
Lt. Bashir - 61
Lt. Dax - 63
Lucsly - 70
Lumba - 75
Orb of Time - 1
Stolen Attack Ship [CAR,FED] - 102
The Centurion - 97
Thot Gor - 51
Velal - 98
Weyoun's Warship - 105
Worf (TWT) - 92


Bajoran Warship - 115 Rare MM 1
Captain Dax - 65 Rare MM 1
Commander Charvanek - 109 Rare MM 1
Commander Leeta - 50 Rare MM 1
Denevan Neural Parasites - 5 Rare MM 1
Dr. Farallon - 71 Rare MM 1
Fesarius - 128 Rare MM 1
Fontaine - 103 Rare MM 1
Halkan Council - 131 Rare MM 1
Horta - 9 Rare MM 1
James Tiberius Kirk - 76 Rare MM 1
Kelvan Show of Force - 10 Rare MM 1
Luaran - 63 Rare MM 1
Marlena Moreau - 80 Rare MM 1
Mr. Nog - 89 Rare MM 1
Mr. Quark - 90 Rare MM 1
Mr. Rom - 91 Rare MM 1
Regent Worf - 94 Rare MM 1
Ruk - 106 Rare MM 1
Security Chief Garak - 61 Rare MM 1
Smiley - 86 Rare MM 1
Tantalus Field - 1 Rare MM 1
The Art of Diplomacy - 37 Rare MM 1
The Guardian of Forever - 14 Rare MM 1
Thomas Paris (TWT) - 107 Rare

The Motion Pictures

"God" - 3
Brigadier Kerla - 70
Camp Khitomer - 130
Captain Sulu - 40
Carol Marcus - 41
Chancellor Gorkon - 73
Commander Chekov - 43
David Marcus - 46
Ensign Tuvok (TMP) - 51
I.K.C. Kla'Diyus - 120
Starship Enterprise (TMP) - 112
The Genesis Device - 1
V'Ger - 10
Valeris - 66


10 and 01 (foil)
B'Etor (foil)
Beverly Picard (foil)
Borg Ship (foil)
Bynars Weapon Enhancement (foil)
Central Command (foil)
D'deridex Advanced (foil)
Data (foil)
Dathon (foil)
Espionage Mission (foil)
Founder Leader (foil)
Galen (foil)
Geordi La Forge (foil)
Gowron (foil)
Kira Nerys (foil)
Kurlan Naiskos (foil)
Lursa (foil)
Major Rakal (foil)
Office of the Proconsul (foil)
Queen's Borg Cube (foil)
Worf (REF) (foil)
Alas, Poor Queen (foil)
Armus - Skin of Evil (foil)
Assimilate Homeworld (foil)
Decius (foil)
Garak (foil)
Gomtuu (foil)
I.K.C. Bortas (foil)
Investigate "Shattered Space" (foil)
Investigate Rumors (foil)
Kahless (foil)
Kira Founder (foil)
Klingon Death Yell (foil)
Kurn (foil)
O'Brien Founder (foil)
Pegasus Search (foil)
Plans of the Tal Shiar (foil)
Ressikan Flute (foil)
Revolving Door (foil)
Scout Encounter (foil)
Supernova (foil)
Toreth (foil)
Wall of Ships (foil)
Wormhole Negotiations (foil)


Bareil of Borg Fixed
Bashir Founder Fixed
Beverly and Will - 1 Fixed
Dukat of Borg Fixed
Gorta (WP) Fixed
Gowron of Borg Fixed
Luther Sloan Fixed
Tomalak Of Borg Fixed
Unscientific Method
Vedek Dax Fixed
Admiral McCoy Fixed I2PG

Dr. McCoy - 56 Special TWT
James T. Kirk - 56 Special TMP
U.S.S. Jupiter Promo P
Admiral Janeway Promo AGT
Christopher Pike Promo AGT
Colonel Kira Promo AGT
U.S.S. Drake Promo AGT
U.S.S. Grissom Promo AGT
U.S.S. Pegasus Promo AGT
Yeomand Rand Promo AGT


Barber Pole (U)
Door Net (c)
Frigid (U)
Guilty-Provisonally (U)
His Honor,The High Sheriff of Nottingham (U)
Investigate Legend
Jealous Amanda (c)
Kahlest (U)
Kitrik (U)
K'nera (U)
Marouk (U)
Mirasta Yale (U)
Paxon "Wormhole"
Penalty Box (U)
Royale Casino: Craps (U)
T'Pau (U)
Trust Me (c)

First Contact

Eliminate Starship (u)
Geordi La Forge

Deep Space 9

Access Relay Station

The Dominion

Chula: The Chandra Rare
Crew Reassignment (U)
Crisis (C)
Croden's Key
Sleeper Trap

The Trouble With Tribbles

Lt. Uhura - 68

The Motion Pictures

Colonel Worf - 74
Dr. Gillian Taylor [Fed,N-A] - 92
Dr. Gillian Taylor [N-A,Fed] - 92*
General Chang - 75
H.M.S. Bounty [Fed,Kling] - 110
H.M.S. Bounty [Kling,Fed] - 110*
John Harriman - 57
Khan - 97
Ru'afo - 102
Saavik - 62
U.S.S. Reliant [Fed,N-A] - 126*
U.S.S. Reliant [N-A,Kling] - 126


Future Enterprise (foil) Rare [Reflections]

2nd Edition

James T. Kirk, Living Legend (FOIL) Promo
U.S.S. Defiant, Prototype Warship (FOIL) Promo
U.S.S. Defiant, Commandeered Warship (FOIL) Promo
Leonard McCoy, Remarkable Man (FOIL) Promo
Quark, Son of Keldar (FOIL) Promo T
U.S.S. Defiant, Prototype Warship Rare
Leonard H. McCoy, Remarkable Man Rare
Montgomery Scott, Relic Rare
Montgomery Scott, Relic (FOIL) Rare
Spock, Celebrated Ambassador Rare
Spock, Celebrated Ambassador (FOIL) Rare
U.S.S. Excelsior Common
Benjamin Sisko, Defiant Captain Fixed
James T. Kirk, Living Legend Fixed

Will trade SWCCG & X-Files for cards from this set.
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