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Satn667 Have/Want List *Feb 17, 2006*

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Subject: Satn667 Have/Want List *Feb 17, 2006*   PostPosted: Wed Feb 15, 2006 3:24 am Reply with quote


1. I send Internationally, however If you have no refs you will send first.

2. No fake, gold-bordered, oversized, proxy cards!!!!

3. I'm pretty lenient when it comes to trading and will usually end a trade in your favor but please just don't make a ridiculous offer.

4. Anything in my have list is also available to buy.

5. No Rippers!!!!

Refs: TeckDragon---Feb 2006--- (Essential Magic)

Current Trades: Counter_Spell (Pending) I sent first (MTG Online Trading League)
Bad Urza (Pending) I sent First (MTG Online Trading League)


Xx Priest of Titania
Xx Bribery (Marcadian Masks Only)
Xx Misdirection
Xx Master of the Hunt
Xx Paladia Mors
Xx Hypnotic Specter (Any Set)
Xx Nevinyrral's Disk (Any Set)
Xx Windswept Heath
Xx Bloodstained Mire
Xx Polluted Delta
Xx Flooded Strand
Xx Wooded Foothills
Xx Visara the Dreadful
Xx Phage the Untouchable
Xx Jet Medallion
Xx Ruby Medallion
Xx Saphire Medallion
Xx Jet Medallion
Xx Emerald Medalion
Xx Pearl Medallion
Xx Coat of Arms (Any Set)
Xx Wheel of Fortune (Any Set)
Xx Fork (Any Set)
Xx Land Tax (Any Set)
Xx Armageddon (Any Set)
Xx Royal Assassin (Any Set)
Xx Demonic Tutor (Any Set)
Xx Power Artifact
Xx Traumatize (Any Set)
Xx Elvish Piper (Any Set)
Xx Rofellos, Llanowar Emissary
Xx Su-chi
Xx Goblin Wizard *** (Will trade well for these!) ***
Xx Blistering Firecat
Xx Strip Mine (Antiquities Only)
Xx Swords to Plowshares (Unlimited Only)
Xx Adun Oakenshield
Xx Cleanse
Xx Divine Intervention
Xx Jovial Evil
Xx Killer Bees (Legends Only)
Xx Lake of the Dead
Xx Kjeldoran Outpost
Xx Brushland
Xx Spirit of the Night
Xx Lotus Vale
Xx Earthcraft
Xx Living Death
Xx Reflecting Pool
Xx Scroll Rack
Xx Time Warp
Xx Argothian Enchantress
Xx Gilded Drake
Xx Radiant, Archangel
Xx Undermine
Xx Shivan Reef
Xx Entomb
Xx Mirari
Xx Living Wish
Xx Stifle
Xx Dark Confidant

Have List:


1x Nightmare (Unlimited)
1x Underworld Dreams (8th)
2x Black Market
1x Mephitic Ooze
6x Promise of Power
2x Divining Witch
2x Death Pit Offering
1x Unnatural Hunger
1x Doomed Necromancer
1x Silent Specter
3x Grinning Demon
1x Entrail's Feaster
1x Words of Waste
3x Liability
2x Endemic Plague
1x Spoils of the Vault
2x Midnight Ritual
1x Desolation Angel
1x Final Punishment
4x Extortion
1x Decree of Pain
2x Death Match
1x Undead Gladiator
1x Plague Wind
1x Rathi Assassin
1x Chainer, dementia Master
1x Maurauding Knight
1x Oversold Cemetary
1x Ichorid
1x Pulse of the Dross
1x Sorceress Queen
2x Drinker of Sorrow
1x Phyrexian Arena
1x Western Paladin
1x Consumptive Goo
1x Cabal Conditioning
1x Dark Suspicions
1x Forced March
1x Lurking Skirge
1x Carnival of Souls
1x Reiver Demon
1x Pox
1x Oath of Lim-Dul
1x Vampiric Spirit
1x Reprocess
1x Gangrenous Goliath


1x Decree of Justice
1x Righteousness
2x Catapult Master
1x Glarecaster
2x Force Bubble
2x Story Circle
1x Ancestor's Prophet
2x Luminous Angel
1x Spectral Guardian
1x Planar Birth
1x Cornered Market
1x Transcendance
1x Cantivore
1x Aurification
2x Noble Purpose
2x Ageless Sentinels
5x Luxodon Punisher
1x Spirit Mirror
2x Weathered Wayfaerer
1x Planar Guide
1x Mobilization
1x Aven Brigadier
1x Leonin Shikari
3x Avatar of Hope
1x Harsh Mercy
1x Shared Triumph
1x Convalescent Care
1x Lin Sivvi, Defiant Hero
1x Sigil of the New Dawn
1x Personal Incarnation
1x Graceful Antelope
1x Kirtar's Wrath
1x Sacred Ground
1x Essence Sliver
1x Windborn Muse
1x Dawn Elemental
1x Oblation
1x True Believer
1x Soulscour
1x Pariah
1x Oracle's Attendants
1x Sacred Guide
1x Spectral Lynx
2x Leonin Abunas
1x Ancestral Tribute
1x Island Sanctuary
1x Soltari Champion
2x Purelace


1x Might of Aoks
5x Thorn Elemental
2x Erithizon
1x Silklash Spider
4x Elvish Vanguard
2x Clear The Land
1x Erhnam Djinn
1x Mythic Proportions
1x Greener Pastures
1x Epic Struggle
1x Ancient Ooze
2x Primitive Etchings
1x Xantid Swarm
2x Megatherium
3x Deepwood Elder
1x Maro
2x Foster
1x Early Harvest
1x Animal Magnetism
2x Pangosaur
1x Waiting in the Weeds
1x Hall of Gemstone
2x Game Preserve
1x Cycle of Life
1x Ancient Silverback
1x Symbiotic Wurm
1x Avatar of Might
1x Enchantress's Presence
1x Steely Resolve
4x Ambush Commander
1x Decree of Savagery
2x Rhox
1x Elvish Archers
1x Symbiotic Deployment
1x Emperor Crocodile
1x Rebirth
1x Dense Foliage
1x Natural Balance
1x Kamahl, Fist of Krosa
3x Elvish Champion
1x Vexing Beetle
1x Summer Bloom
1x Quirion Druid
1x Whirlwind
1x Nantuko Blightcutter
1x Ivy Elemental
1x Saproling Infestation
1x Possessed Centaur
2x Thriss, Nantuko Primus
1x Saproling Cluster
1x Uktabi Wildcats
1x Molder Slug
1x Plated Slagwurm
1x Nostalgic Dreams
1x Living Hive
1x Hum of the Radix
1x Abundance
1x Phantom Nantuko
1x Hidden Gibbons
1x Web
1x Copperhoof Vorrac
1x Seshiro the Anointed
1x Brushwagg
1x Root Maze
1x Mindbender Spores
1x Seeds of Innocence


4x Decree of Silence
1x Read The Runes
1x Karn's Touch
1x Temporal Adept
1x Sunder
2x Artificial Evolution
1x Synapse Sliver
1x Last Word
1x Aura Thief
1x Riptide Entraneer
1x Peer Pressure
1x Wheel and Deal
1x Breaking Wave
3x Voidmage Prodigy
1x Quicksilver Dragon
3x Parallel Thoughts
1x Trade Secrets
2x Delusions of Mediocrity
1x Aether Barrier
1x Recantation
1x Anthroplasm
1x Oath of Scholars
1x Balance of Power
1x False Memories
2x Parallax Tide
1x Attunement
1x Hisoka, Minamo Sensei
1x The Unspeakable
1x Rootwater Shaman
2x Mind's Desire
1x Seahunter
1x Psychic Trance
1x Standardize
1x Clone
1x Somnophore
1x Pale Moon
1x Overburden
1x Lord of Atlantis
1x Ambassador Laquatus
1x Whirlpool Warrior
2x Blatant Thievery
1x Avatar of Will
1x Silver Wyvern
2x Future Sight
1x Balance of Power
1x Day of the Dragons
1x Faces of the Past
1x Bureaucracy
1x Pirate Ship


1x Rock Hydra (Unlimited)
1x Keldon Firebombers
1x Insurrection
1x Shrieking Mogg
1x Words of War
1x Flowstone Slide
1x Furnace of Rath
1x Decree of Annihilation
1x Bloodmoon
1x Slobad, Goblin Tinkerer
1x Petradon
1x Impulsive Maneuvers
1x Starstorm
1x Ruby Leech
1x Megatog
2x Butcher Orgg
1x Sulfuric Vortex
1x Hell-Bent Raider
1x Flamebreak
2x Siege Gang Commander
1x Aggravated Assault
1x Skirk Fire Marshal
1x Goblin Pyromancer
1x Shaman's Trance
1x Lava Hounds
1x Sulfuric Vapors
1x Dragon Roost
1x Stronghold Gambit
1x Avatar of Fury
1x Manabarbs
1x Trained Orgg
1x Pulverize
1x Zo-Zu the Punisher
1x Firestorm
1x Inferno
1x Reversal of Fortune
1x Hammer of Bogardan
2x Dragon Storm
1x Final Fortune
4x Furnace Dragon


1x Death Grasp
1x Karona False God
2x Eladamri's Call
1x Dakkon Blackblade (Chronicle)
1x Barrin Spite
1x Cromat
1x Suffocating Blast
1x Radiant Kavu
1x Questing Phelddagrif
1x Blazing Specter
1x Sabbertooth Nishoba
1x Fervent Charge
1x Cadaverous Bloom
1x Asmira, Holy Avenger


1x Meekstone (Revised)
2x Sculpting Steel
4x Millstone
2x Damping Matrix
1x Jinxed Choker
1x Triskelion
1x Assembly Hall
2x Goblin Charlebelcher
1x Cryptic Gateway
1x Mycosynth Lattice
1x Echo Chamber
1x Parallax Inhibitor
1x Eye of Yawgmoth
1x Serum Powder
1x Purging Scythe
1x Sword of Kaldra
1x Legacy Weapon
1x Wand of the Elements
1x Bosh, Iron Golem
1x Darksteel Reactor
1x Lich's Tomb
1x Tribal Golem
3x Slate of Ancestry
1x Charmed Pendant
1x Planar Portal
1x Aladdin's Ring
1x Urza's Incubator
1x Clockwork Beast
1x Vexing Arcanix
2x Distorting Lens
2x Tower of Fortunes
1x Myr Incubator
2x Stabilizer
1x Dream Chisel
1x Worldslayer
1x Crawlspace
2x Jester's Mask
1x Leveler
1x Grid Monitor
1x Clockwork Dragon
1x Tsabo's Web
1x Blinkmoth Urn
1x Krark's Thumb
1x Liar's Pendelum
1x Lotus Blossom
1x Fluctuator
1x Neotic Scales
1x Arcbound Overseer
1x Possessed Portal
1x Jayemdae Tome


3x Tower of Magistrate
2x Riptide Laboratory
2x Contested Cliffs
2x Grand Coliseum
3x Mossfire Valley
1x Pine Barrens
1x River Delta
1x Halls of Mist
1x Untaidake, the Cloud Keeper
1x Shinka, the Bloodsoaked Keep
1x Eiganjo Castle


1x Wonder
2x Wirewood Channeler
4x Wordly Tutor
1x Chainer's Edict
1x Quash
4x Icy Manipulator (Mirodin, Deckmaster)
3x Pemmin's Aura
2x Hinder
6x White Knight (Revised)
1x Browbeat
3x Withered Wretch
2x Brain Freeze
3x Smother
2x Hinder
2x Fabricate
2x Shrapnel Blast
2x Wirewood Lodge
4x Lightning Bolt (Revised)


1x Nightmare (8th)
1x Worldslayer
1x Second Sunrise
1x Beast of Burden
1x Words of War
1x Avatar of Hope (8th)
1x Skyshroud Bohemoth
1x Tidal Kraken (8th)
1x Call of the Wild
1x Unifying Theory


2x Bog Wraith
1x Aven Soulgazer
2x Dragonstalker
1x Aphetto Grifter
1x Liege of the Axe
1x Goblin Psychopath
1x Rod of Ruin (8th)
1x Heedless One
1x Elvish Scrapper
1x Mourner's Shield
1x Star Compass
1x Wall of Stone
1x One Dozen Eyes
1x Wraith of Marit Lage
1x Looming Hoverguard
1x Ornithopter (Mirrodin)
1x Temple of the false God
1x Second Sight

If you are interested in a trade please contact me via e-mail at ***hidden email address***.com, thanks for looking.
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