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Card Reviews of the Week

Our Card Reviews of the Week

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Review of the Week for August 8, 2009
General description:
I love this card so much, for how fast a game comes to an end in your favor. If one happens to go down there will be more of them waiting on the bench with 130 HP and only 1 energy for it to do 60 damage! Often called a...
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Review of the Week for August 1, 2009
Bait Doll, opponent frustration guaranteed
written by cardmasterc  on May 27, 2009
This is my first card review so bare with me lol
Anyway, the card i want to talk about is a forgotten card from way back in the days of Labyrinth of Nightmare. Lets have a big round of applause for...Bait Doll!!!

Lets see exactly what this card...
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Review of the Week for May 2, 2009
Well, lets look at this card's effect 1st:
You can special summon this card by removing from play one spell card. This card can attack your opponent directly. You take no battle damage from battles involving this card.

Look people there's...
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Review of the Week for April 11, 2009
Judgment Dragon, The Most Destructive
written by buldogg1994  on January 19, 2009
General description:
I like this card personally because it could get you out of tight sitiuations and it could give you a really fast win
You could use this card by getting 4 lightsworns monsters in your graveyard.This card can also be...
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Review of the Week for March 28, 2009
Blackwing - Gale the Whirlwind, Gale review1
written by deathking  on March 17, 2009
General description:
A walking Shrink that has stacking abilities, and is a tuner. I love this card. Lets look at Gales effects.
Effect A-If you control a Blackwing monster other than Blackwing - Gale of the Hurricane, you can Special Summon this...
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Review of the Week for March 7, 2009
Elemental Hero Flame Wingman, Anger at an overrated archetype.
written by blitzball  on January 8, 2009
General description:

Ah yes, Elemental Heroes, or "E-Heros", as they are more commonly known. Back in the days of Yu-gi-oh! GX, practically everybody had to have a deck centered around these cards. They are based on a series of monsters that by...
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Review of the Week for February 28, 2009
Thought Ruler Archfiend, Killer And A Healer
written by m0h18  on December 28, 2008
General description:
This card has got to be 1 of my favorite synchros made so far. This is a good card to represent psychics as a synchro due to it's second ability.

The best time to use it or to make it would be when you have a few...
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Review of the Week for February 7, 2009
Twin-Cannon Skyterror
written by the_person  on November 16, 2005
General description:
this card is a staple for any fire deck, if it be mono or not if your running fire you should have this......

you use this card to get rid of some of your opponets sheild quick and easy.

Strategies and game play:...
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Review of the Week for January 24, 2009
Vennominaga The Deity Of Poisonous Snakes
written by m0h18  on December 27, 2008
General description:
Vennominaga is Professor Viper's ultimate card which is from Tactical Evolution which has all his venom cards in it including three Elemental Hero fusions. If you have this card i would inform you not to give it away because as...
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Review of the Week for January 17, 2009
Blue-Eyes White Dragon, The Legendary White Dragon
written by kaiba_1  on December 12, 2008
General description:
The Best Single Card There Was Back When Yu-Gi-Oh First Came Out. Personally Blue-Eyes White Dragon Is Still My Favorite Card In Yu-Gi-Oh Today. Not Really Great Anymore But It Is Pretty Good.

Can Have Up To 3 Per...
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Review of the Week for January 3, 2009
Black Garden, Feel the thorns of victory
written by prosaic  on December 24, 2008
General description:
Black Garden is actually the mysterious Aki’s field card, which was just released in Crossroad Of Chaos, along with lots of other plant/plant-support cards. Are you one of those who put this card in your tin of old...
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Review of the Week for December 27, 2008
Waboku, The best Yu-Gi-Oh! card
written by grand_master  on November 12, 2008
General description:
Waboku is a trap card that has the ability to make all the battle damage inflicted by monsters on your opponents side of the field 0 until the end of the turn it is activated.
The first thing that I love about Waboku is how...
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Review of the Week for November 29, 2008
Black Rose Dragon, Winged Dark Hole on two legs
written by prosaic  on November 10, 2008
General description:
Black Rose Dragon is one of the five dragons from Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's and it’s the mysterious Akiza’s signature card. While it’s good to know a card’s background, it doesn’t make a great difference to us duellists right?...
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Review of the Week for November 15, 2008
Allure of Darkness, Even more broken than Destiny Draw!!!!
written by exodia80  on April 13, 2008
General description:
This card is by far the most broken card in the game,even beyond the elusive crush card virus!
Well for starters u draw 2 cards the its a must for any dark deck build which there are multiples of.It allows you to draw...
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Review of the Week for November 8, 2008
Compulsory Evacuation Device, An ingredient for success
written by prosaic  on October 5, 2008
General description:
Overshadowed by other trap cards which provide direct monster removal, Compulsory Evacuation Device was rarely used before the appearance of Stardust Dragon. On reading this review, you’ll realised that for so long, you have...
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Review of the Week for November 1, 2008
Prime Material Dragon, -two for the price of one
written by boogyman  on April 19, 2008
General description:

Prime Material Dragon, in my opinion, is one of the very best cards in the game today. It made its debut in the Phamtom Darkness booster pack, leaving many to wonder "why is this thing only a super rare". The ability to...
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Review of the Week for October 25, 2008
Mass Driver, - Cloudian Smuggler??
written by wingless  on September 13, 2008
General description:
Mass Driver - Continuous Spell - Offer one monster on your side of the field as a tribute to inflict 400 points of direct damage to your opponents life points.

Well, mass Driver with Cloudians huh? Thats right kids. It's a...
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Review of the Week for October 18, 2008
Wall of Illusion, An in-depth analysis
written by prosaic  on October 11, 2008
General description:
Amazed to see a review on such an old and common card? And no, I am not one of those who run Yugi decks, but this card is entirely different!! Take a second look and you’ll realise what I am saying, it fits all the criterias...
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Review of the Week for October 11, 2008
Mezuki, Mezuki The New God of Zombies
written by exodia80  on October 4, 2008
Ok 1st off you have a great monster card with 1700 attack not bad on the attack side 800 def a little low but thats a good thing.A zombie type 4 stars earth attribute.The best is yet to come.

The best thing about mezuki is not only is he a...
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Review of the Week for October 4, 2008
Evil Hero Infernal Prodigy, A genius indeed!
written by prosaic  on October 1, 2008
General description:
Tired of seeing nearly unobtainable secret rares in the spotlight? Take a break from those simpering DADs or JDs and read this review. You’ll realise that a card’s real potential is marked by more than just its price on...
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