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Card Reviews of the Week

Our Card Reviews of the Week

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Review of the Week for December 31, 2011
Time Wizard, return to the past
written by god_of_duel  on January 14, 2011
General description:

I like this card why tradicional cards as Dark magician and other.

Toss a coin and call Heads or Tails. If you call it right, your opponent's monsters on the field are destroyed. If you call it wrong, your own...
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Review of the Week for December 24, 2011
Dragunity Legionnaire, Monsters' Nightmare
written by negrolum  on September 5, 2010
General description:
Good days everybody!!. Today I'll speak about a card called "Dragunity Legionnaire". I decided to do this review because of its excellent effect, and I've found lots of combos we can do with it.

This card has several...
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Review of the Week for December 17, 2011
Bolshack Superhero, The Blazing Saviour.
written by subking  on October 19, 2011
Introduction and Appearance:

So... Just like a Dragon lover that I am.. Here is my first review. Bolshack Superhero. P.S.- the Armored Dragon can really backfire if not used properly. But awfully useful from a creature coming from the newest sets...
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Review of the Week for December 10, 2011
Fishborg Blaster, A Nightmare Of Card
written by evildeck  on February 11, 2011
General description:
-Hi everyone in tradecardsonline this time i will talk about a card that interest me a lot is and i think is very useful in a Water deck is "Fishborg Blaster" let see the parts of this card.

Number: ANPR-EN027
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Review of the Week for December 3, 2011
Treeborn Frog, The Salvation of the deck
written by sayerarcadia  on November 17, 2011
Hello friends as they are this time I know a analasis of a letter in recent days has given me many easy wins for the invocation and the effect the letter is "Treeborn Frog"

:arrow:General description:

If this card is in your Graveyard...
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Review of the Week for November 26, 2011
Pixie Ring, Defender of the Weak
written by sl1ferm4ster Premium Member  on May 30, 2010
General description:
A lot of people don't realize this card's potential! Pixie Ring prevents the weakest monster ATK-wise from being targeted by an attack as long as there are 2 or more Attack Position monsters. Every deck should have at least 1...
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Review of the Week for November 19, 2011
Book of Moon, book of the salvation.
written by gamelord  on November 26, 2010
General description:
this card is great because it is very practical because you can eliminate a lot of monsters dengaerus and best of all, it's quick play card what makes it a basic card in almost any deck.

can be used in a so much ways...
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Review of the Week for November 12, 2011
Dark Magician, great card!!
written by djcard  on July 7, 2010
General description:
Alright, a blast from the past, the classic Dark magician. It has 2500 attack points, 2100 defense points. It's a level 7 card and it's a spell caster. If you were to watch the t.v show you would know that there are many cards...
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Review of the Week for November 5, 2011
DNA Digivolution:

Bolmeteus Samurai Dragon!
Ulpheus, Dragonic Spirit!
DNA Digivolve to:

Bolpheus Heaven, Super Holy Dragon!

About two years ago When i started to think about Duel Masters, I started watching various Anime Music...
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Review of the Week for October 29, 2011
General description:

Yeah, yeah we all have a love hate relationship with this card. This card worst enemy isn't your opponent's Jinzo but it's own price. My god 40-60 bucks for a card that can only be used once per turn unless you recycle it ...
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Review of the Week for October 22, 2011
End of the World,Dark Divine Dragon

This is a joke,isn't it?
Why does Takara Tomy invent a card which nearly kills yourself because your deck gets empty?When you summon End of the World, you have to search your deck for 3 cards, these cards form...
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Review of the Week for October 15, 2011
Breaker the Magical Warrior, Breaker of Red and Green Hearths xD
written by lucho12  on October 10, 2011
:idea: General description:

Here:D , I present the review of one of the classic cards of yu gi oh: Breaker the Magical Warrior. A card very used in his times and very respected by his great effect, his good ATK and the quantity of combos very...
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Review of the Week for October 8, 2011
Never Ending Unity

Konnichiwa, minna-san. How is everyone? Im back with a special Six Part Review that I was inspired to do since working on my Fanfiction: Duel Masters: Vortex Wars. Anyway, to introduce the First of the Series of reviews, let...
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Review of the Week for October 1, 2011
Where it all started....

Like Yin and Yang, These two have been in eternal battle for so many years; and now they decided to put aside their differences and join up to face a common enemy.

After 34 DM Sets and plenty of DMC Decks,...
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Review of the Week for September 24, 2011
Gravekeeper's Descendant, The Master of sand
written by yohei  on January 27, 2011
General description:
Well this is a very status recognized card, because this belongs to a highly concentrated group of cards and can say that the first archetypes that exist in the yugioh can not say he has a lot of playability with other deck and...
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Review of the Week for September 17, 2011
Procyon Dragoon
written by juncombo0 Premium Member  on September 4, 2011
General description:

So getting inspired frm my first review which was Double Revolver Dragon. I thought of writing my second review. this time it is about a darkness creature.
I choose this creature bcoz i have not seen anyone using this...
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Review of the Week for September 10, 2011
Sceptile Lv. 56, - The New Venusaur
written by redt  on June 3, 2010
General description:
After buying a Mysterious Treasures value pack coming with four Stormfront cards, I finally managed to get a hold of a rare card: Sceptile. It mirrors the capabilities of the old school Base Venusaur, while having some new...
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Review of the Week for September 3, 2011
Silent Strider
written by neoswiseman2_0  on January 13, 2011
General description:

This day I decided to do an analysis of Silent Strider a small insect ninja land owned attribute multipurpose uses.

This card has a fairly simple, reduce the level of a monster on the field at 1 until the end phase, but...
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Review of the Week for August 27, 2011
Double Revolver Dragon
written by juncombo0 Premium Member  on August 9, 2011
General description:

Hi.this is my first card review hope u guys will like it.
So first lets take a look on fire civilization. the most powerful race in fire civilization is Dragons and to be more precise we can say armored dragons. In old times...
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Review of the Week for August 20, 2011
Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon, god dragon
written by kk_ck  on August 12, 2011
General description:

Hi, its is my second review it about Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon is 1 of my favorite cards.

You can remove from play 1 Dragon-Type monster you control to Special Summon this card. Once per turn, you can Special...
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