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The Buzz... by coolbreeze

latest comments by coolbreeze
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Thorn Theater Cardfight!! Vanguard In the discussion on the Deck "Thorn Theater" by samursa Miembro Premium United States send message
coolbreeze Premium Member United States
Avatar for coolbreeze
What is the point of Anthrodroid if you don't have anything that takes advantage of it's skill to stand itself? Plus, Anthrodroid's skill is an ACT skill, meaning that it can only be used during the Main Phase so you can't use it during the Battle Phase.
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Posted: June 20, 2013 03:45 pm
testing Cardfight!! Vanguard In the discussion on the Deck "testing" by cayle New Zealand
coolbreeze Premium Member United States
Avatar for coolbreeze
The arguments from the noobs can be justified just from a common glance though. Just because they don't have the skill to fully understand the deck doesn't mean there are some issues.

The one thing is that you need to keep a Kagero unit for Dragonic Overlord to maintain his 11k power. While you do have some Kagero units to ensure that he will be at 11k, the overall abundance of OTT makes it lean more towards how OTT plays over how Kagero does. This makes Kagero only good as rear-guards if you end up keeping OTT as your vanguard for many of the effects and to use the Kagero triggers.

Another is that if you end up having Kagero as your vanguard, a majority of the units lose a lot of their skills. Plus, LuLu ends just sitting there until you get a grade 3 OTT and makes CoCo less productive than in the Soulless OTT build. Even with the soul blasting stuff to make it easy to get LuLu's skill off, it's still not as easy as just running a standard mono-clan.

Although its mainly how you want to get a stand trigger for Dragonic Overlord's skill by using Amateratsu's skill, I'm hoping there are other conditions other than that because it seems a bit more like the original OTT deck with just LuLu, CoCo, and Kagero mixed in.

I'm not saying the deck is bad but at the same time, it's more of making sure that OTT are the main part of the show while Dragonic Overlord picks up most of the work. I particularly like the Mr. Invincible combo more than the Amateratsu combo just because Invincible is much more threatening as a rearguard with a good soulblast ability AND unflips damage.

Other than that, good luck with the deck.
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Posted: March 19, 2013 04:52 pm
NOT Estranger III Cardfight!! Vanguard In the discussion on the Deck "NOT Estranger III" by greatnature55 Singapore send message
coolbreeze Premium Member United States
Avatar for coolbreeze
Alright, the thing about Soulless OTT is that you NEED 4 Scarlet Witch CoCos. No question. She is key to the deck since that's what makes the LuLu/CoCo play so good. The Souffles are good so keep 2 of them and use Sakuya as a back-up vanguard should you not get CoCos for the +3 draw combo.

Your grade 1 line-up is all over the place. Outside of the Chocolats, you're spread WAY too thin on boosters. I would recommend running 4 Geminis just because of 11k vanguards and the Notorious 3 (MLB, DOtE, and PBO). Then, decide if you want to run Dark Cat or LaLa because running both is worthless when you could just run a set.

Now, you unfortunately have no means of keeping an empty soul so when you ride CoCo over CoCo, you won't be able to keep the 3k boost from being soulless. I would run either Truth Watcher or Luck Bird (based on preference) just to clean the soul out.

That's pretty it for better card options for your Soulless OTT build. Hope this helps you out to be a better OTT player.
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Posted: October 8, 2012 12:09 am
think and believe Cardfight!! Vanguard In the discussion on the Deck "think and believe" by pingupingu6 United Kingdom
coolbreeze Premium Member United States
Avatar for coolbreeze
Hmm... There are some things that could be done to make this deck much stronger than what you got right now.

1. Take out the Cocoas. They are too weak for the CoCo builds since its more aggro than topdeck manipulating or bottom stacking like the Amateratsu and Tsukuyomi builds. I would rather put in Battle Sister Omellete since she is a 7k booster and she can be an effective attacker when needed since she'll be swinging for 10k while you have no cards in soul. With a good booster behind her, she can go in on vanguards as well.

2. I would exchange the Luck Birds for Truth Watchers since you aren't running Psychic Birds which is what Luck Birds need to even be effective. Also, Truth Watchers can help Coco get her 13k power on your turn after riding another one since he only needs 1 soul blast when attacking and he makes an adequate attacker and booster.

3. I would find a replacement for Sky Witch Nana. She's okay as a rearguard and a sub for when you miss Coco but there are better OTT grade 3s to use. I would say trying out Battle Sister Soufflé and maybe 1 Sakuya to see how it works.

4. I would also recommend trying out Emerald Witch Lulu as well. She is a good 7k booster and she can also give you a good card filter to get rid of dead cards in your hand for a better draw. I know she needs no soul to be good but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try her out.

Those are my suggestions. I have almost pushed for 3-4 place in the previous tournament with a Soulless OTT build on this site but stopped when school started, so I know how good this deck can be. Hope this helps.
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Posted: September 12, 2012 03:52 pm
Modified on September 12, 2012 03:55 pm
Revengers Of Shadow Cardfight!! Vanguard In the discussion on the Deck "Revengers Of Shadow" by aaronrob23 United States
coolbreeze Premium Member United States
Avatar for coolbreeze
I would take out the Darkside Trumpeters and put in 4 Death Feather Eagle. Shadow Paladins don't gain much advantage from stand triggers so 8 criticals will be more suitable than the stands.

Definitely take out the Demon World Castle Donnerschlag and put in 2 more Knight of Nullity Masquerade. He will always get +3k while attacking when you have Blaster Dark, Phantom Blaster Dragon, or Phantom Blaster Overlord as your vanguard instead of Donnerschlag since Donnerschlag is only good when you have Blaster Dark or Phantom Blaster Dragon and then just becomes a 5k attacker and blocker with Phantom Blaster Overlord.

Take out the Gururubaus for 2 Nightmare Painters. Nightmare Painter makes it easier to put Phantom Blaster Overlord at the 13k mark by putting Phantom Blaster Dragon from hand into soul and won't make you waste a turn to crossride into Phantom Blaster Overlord.

I would also take out the Knight of Fighting Spirit, Dordona for Darkness Maiden Macha. She can create a lot of combos with Nightmare Painter and Blaster Javelin as well as getting you a free unit behind her for boosting for only 2 counterblast.

The last thing I would suggest taking out would be the Nostrum Witch Arianrhod and put in 1 more Black Sage Charon and try out 2 Skull Witch Nemain. For 1 counterblast and pitching a dead card in hand, you draw 2 cards and then you can simply intercept with her when guarding after she did her job.

Hope these suggestions help you out, since Phantom Blaster Overlord Shadow Paladin builds are generally supposed to consistent in getting that crossride but these suggestions should be able to make it even more consistent.
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Posted: August 10, 2012 04:04 pm
The Phases Of The Moon Cardfight!! Vanguard In the discussion on the Deck "The Phases Of The Moon" by violinrebel United States send message
coolbreeze Premium Member United States
Avatar for coolbreeze
*low whistle* This is a helter-skelter build of OTT if I ever seen one. I don't know if you wanted to be the standard Amateratsu build, the Tsukuyomi build, or a weird combination of the two.

Since it seems that you are going for a Tsukuyomi build so I'll go on the assumption that you are building that particular deck and offer my advice:

1. Tsukuyomi builds don't run much draws as the Amateratsu build. It's better to run 8 criticals (4 that need to be Psychic Bird) and 4 draws.

2. Run more of Oracle Guardian Gemini. There is no reason not to run 4 of the 8k boosters as they are needed. I would drop the Faithful Angel and Oracle Guardian Shisa.

3. Lose the Wiseman and Maiden of Librya and put in some Oracle Guardian Red Eye. Red Eye helps you get that extra soul in for Full Moon Goddess Tsukuyomi so that you will be 6 soul, assuming you hit all the rides of the chain.

4. Oracle Guardian Apollon and Scarlet Witch CoCo are completely worthless in the Tsukuyomi deck; heck, you'll NEVER be able to use CoCo's counterblast because you'll always have more than 1 in soul. I would recommend putting in 1 more Silent Tom and 2 Evil-Eye Princess Euryale.

5. 4 Full Moon Goddess Tsukuyomi clogs the deck and 3 CEO Amateratsu can hurt when your trying to get to your grade 3 Tsukuyomi. I would drop one from each and put in 1 more Battle Sister Chocolat and Weather Girl Milk.

(6. I feel that Weather Girl Milk is not as good as everyone is trying to make her. Since you always need to have 4 or more cards in hand to make her a worthwhile booster, I would recommend trying out Oracle Guardian Blue-Eye. He can cycle through the deck and help reach your stack faster and only requires you to have 6 OTT units in soul.

6.5 tradecardsonline messed up on Oracle Guardian Blue-Eye's effect. This is what Blue-Eye's true effect is:

AUTO: When this unit boosts, if the number of <Oracle Think Tank> in your Soul is 6 or more, draw 1 card, choose a card from your hand, and put it on the bottom of your deck.)

7. If you want to play a more aggressive build, replace the Silent Toms with Battle Maiden Tagitsuhime since she's a 9k unit and can swing for 12k when you have 6 or more OTT units in soul.

Those are my suggestions for your deck. I have one online here and it seems to be consistent enough, besides getting the ride pieces into the soul, using the above advice. Hope this helps you build a better deck and a better player.
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Posted: August 10, 2012 12:21 am
THE PERFECT DECK-- must rate!! YuGiOh! In the discussion on the Deck "THE PERFECT DECK-- must rate!!" by under_seige New Zealand
coolbreeze Premium Member United States
Avatar for coolbreeze
I looked over the deck top to bottom and read the comments, but I can understand why some replies as is and the defenses made for the deck.

In short, it is an interesting take on Monarchs, definitely is, and it is more draw functional than previous where Monarchs focus on quick-play spells and Treeborn Frog. But saying that Monarchs are tier 1 is an overstatement. They are actually lower in the tiers, possibly tier 2 or 3. The tier 1 decks would possibly crush this deck since I can see Six Samurais actually making its presence known before you could actually try anything. But, it is original and I would like to play against it to actually see how it works.

P.S. - Also, I understand the Stardust Dragons because you side-deck Starlight Road but what are the other synchros for if you have no tuners? I see no tuners in the main deck or side deck so what is their purpose outside of the Stardust? Also, Goyo Guardian is banned as of the March 2011 banlist so you either have to find a replacement for him or remove him in general (unless you want to play a non-tournament deck which looks like you don't since you are following the tournament standards for a deck).
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Posted: May 21, 2011 07:57 pm
Who I Am 76-1 YuGiOh! In the discussion on the Deck "Who I Am 76-1" by xdulest23 United States
coolbreeze Premium Member United States
Avatar for coolbreeze
Along with the other comments people have made on this deck, as well as the several games I saw you play both from players' links and looking at the game disputes, I must say you are a pathetic excuse of a player.

I've been wondering why you would play blackwings, after the numerous times that you said you hated them along with x-sabers, lightsworns, and synchros. But we know that the main reason is mostly because you were tired of losing repeatedly with shoddy decks. Now with this so called 'undefeated' blackwings of yours, you went 55-0. If that is true, then explain why I still find games of you trying to bend or make new rules when you were on the losing end?

Now, I know the groudie dispute is over and done, but I noticed that in your game with deafe, you stated using a move that raijin commented on to him. When such a move never actually happened when you played groudie. So not only do you try to BS your way to win, you'll lie about it to insure that your 'undefeated' deck stays flawless. What a wonderful way to show how much of a 'undefeated' coward you are.

In conclusion, I can guess that some (if not many) other members see you as a whinny, foul-mouthed, obnoxious, cowardly ragequitter. Now, if you want to prove that you are none of the above, be truthful and play the game until the end. If not, I guess you're just mad that you can't play the game like the rest of us.
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Posted: November 16, 2010 08:21 pm
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