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Disputes about online games

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Weiss Schwarz CCG Disputed Games for February
Date Player A Deck A Player B Deck B Duration Disputer  
February 1, 2016 rough_sketch's avatar rough_sketch
United States
Welcome to the Underworld gamera34's avatar gamera34
United States
Chords of Fate 29 minutes gamera34 re-play >>
February 2, 2016 yugiohfan's avatar yugiohfan
United States
ACCEL DREAM oracion27's avatar oracion27
double power 9 minutes oracion27 re-play >>
February 4, 2016 exagerrated's avatar exagerrated
Miracle Symphony jacky14's avatar jacky14
えりのぞ 14 minutes jacky14 re-play >>
February 5, 2016 mrmw94's avatar mrmw94
Fairytail xpattycakesx's avatar xpattycakesx
Fairy Tail Ver E. Trial Deck 2 hours and 4 minutes xpattycakesx re-play >>
February 7, 2016 oracion27's avatar oracion27
honoka power Private deck jacklut's avatar jacklut
Someone in my body is a TITAN. 12 minutes jacklut re-play >>

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