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Kaijudo TCG Disputed Games for September
Date Player A Deck A Player B Deck B Duration Disputer  
September 1, 2014 vladomir88's avatar vladomir88
5 Civ Fresh Ave. [Standard] karlwainwright's avatar karlwainwright
United States
Drakomech Rush [Standard] 18 minutes karlwainwright re-play >>
September 6, 2014 ultraace10's avatar ultraace10
United States
Shadow Champion Control [Standard] wes5blue's avatar wes5blue
United States
ANGRY FIRE/LIGHT [Standard] 25 minutes wes5blue re-play >>
September 8, 2014 plydjl's avatar plydjl Premium Member
United States
my first try [Open] kevinjlouie's avatar kevinjlouie
United States
my first try [Open] 8 minutes kevinjlouie re-play >>
September 10, 2014 khaman21's avatar khaman21
United States
Veggies for days [Standard] vladomir88's avatar vladomir88
Ghostly Visions [Standard] 16 minutes vladomir88 re-play >>
September 10, 2014 vladomir88's avatar vladomir88
Ghostly Visions [Standard] hope_remains's avatar hope_remains
United States
Alskdf [Standard] 12 minutes hope_remains re-play >>
September 21, 2014 charlieharper's avatar charlieharper
lets see!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Standard] near04's avatar near04
Mono-Water [Standard] 10 minutes near04 re-play >>

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