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Disputes about online games

Registered users may be entitled to become a judge and resolve disputes on these games. Please sign up or log in.

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YuGiOh! Disputed Games for October
Date Player A Deck A Player B Deck B Duration Disputer  
October 5, 2017 sopugly07's avatar sopugly07
United Kingdom
Revival of the Supreme King [Traditional] zamidark's avatar zamidark
Fuego Metalmorfico Private deck [Advanced] 36 minutes zamidark re-play >>
October 6, 2017 rickybhal's avatar rickybhal
we could be heroes me and u [Traditional] javelin62's avatar javelin62
United States
like swordsman like dragon [Traditional] 26 minutes javelin62 re-play >>
October 7, 2017 zomber_54's avatar zomber_54
controla-campo [Advanced] slazer's avatar slazer
United Kingdom
Flames Of The Red Demon Dragon [Advanced] 20 minutes slazer re-play >>
October 8, 2017 fangslash's avatar fangslash
United States
Shooting [Traditional] zomber_54's avatar zomber_54
controla-campo [Advanced] 29 minutes zomber_54 re-play >>
October 9, 2017 crown_clown_re's avatar crown_clown_re
test deck 01 Private deck [Advanced] blockomon3's avatar blockomon3
Sworn To The Light [Traditional] 29 minutes blockomon3 re-play >>
October 9, 2017 hidonfly's avatar hidonfly
United States
force strike [Advanced] saya_lufenia's avatar saya_lufenia
United States
new light of the crystals [Traditional] 14 minutes saya_lufenia re-play >>
October 11, 2017 voltron86's avatar voltron86
fontoruse [Traditional] kevinjooo's avatar kevinjooo
machimax Private deck [Advanced] 21 minutes kevinjooo re-play >>
October 12, 2017 aquakagero's avatar aquakagero Premium Member
United States
Different Dimension [Traditional] zomber_54's avatar zomber_54
prueba3.0 [Traditional] 32 minutes zomber_54 re-play >>
October 15, 2017 zomber_54's avatar zomber_54
Dragonico oscuro [Traditional] might's avatar might
United States
Dinomist [Traditional] 17 minutes might re-play >>
October 15, 2017 hg1yorax8_'s avatar hg1yorax8_
United States
duel at your own risk!!! god Private deck [Traditional] niclausgilbert's avatar niclausgilbert Premium Member
Caos Aéreo Private deck [Advanced] 41 minutes niclausgilbert re-play >>

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