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Barzan Wormhole card scan: click to enlarge

Barzan Wormhole:

Seeds (in any phase) or plays in Gamma or Delta Quadrant
(limit one). Inserts into spaceline; creates a location (span 2).
Any ship may move between Wormhole Negotiations mission
and here, then is "stopped." OR Once each turn, plays to
relocate Barzan Wormhole to a new location in Gamma or Delta
Quadrant, or to allow a ship to report with crew (limit 4 cards
aboard) to Wormhole Negotiations
; discard doorway.

Errata - Nerf - removed the report with crew.

Errata- Nerf - removed the report with crew.

  • Rarity: R
  • Type: Doorways
  • Number: 30
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