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Obelisk the Tormentor (Effect Monster) card scan: click to enlarge

Obelisk the Tormentor (Effect Monster):

You must Tribute 3 monsters you control to Normal Summon this card (you cannot Set this card). The Normal Summon of this card cannot be negated. When this card is Normal Summoned, Spells, Traps, and Effect Monster effects cannot be activated. This card cannot be targeted by the effects of Spells, Traps or Effect Monsters. If this card is Special Summoned, it is sent to the Graveyard during the End Phase. You can Tribute 2 monsters to destroy all monsters your opponent controls. This card cannot declare an attack the turn this effect is activated.

  • Number: JUMP-EN037
  • Rarity: Ultra Rare
  • Card Type: Monster / Effect
  • Monster Type: Divine-Beast
  • Attack Points: 4000
  • Defense Points: 4000
  • Level / Rank: 10
  • Attribute: Divine
SP = Short Print (Common);
SSP = Super Short Print (Common);
DNPR = Duel Terminal Normal Parallel Rare;
DRPR = Duel Terminal Rare Parallel Rare;
DSPR = Duel Terminal Super Parallel Rare;
DUPR = Duel Terminal Ultra Parallel Rare;
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