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games : Naruto : Broken Promise
Asuma Sarutobi card scan: click to enlarge

Asuma Sarutobi:

Leaf | Male | Jonin | 12 Shinobi Guardians
During the Exchange of Jutsu, you can apply the following effect:
Ninjas that are in the same Team as this Ninja cannot be removed from play by the effects of your opponent's Jutsu cards during this turn. If this effect was applied, at the end of the turn, if this Ninja remains in play, discard this Ninja.

"Sometimes, you need a sacrifice to protect your 'king' against the stronger players."

  • Card Number: BPN-732
  • Rarity: Common
  • Card Type: Ninja
  • Symbol: Earth
  • Combat Attribute: Weapon
  • Hand Cost: 1
  • Entrance Cost: 5
  • Healthy Stats: 6/2
  • Injured Stats: 2/2
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