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games : Naruto : Fangs of the Snake
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Naruto Uzumaki:

Leaf | Genin | Male | Clone Status | GROWTH
Valid: Your "Ninja Toad" Ninjas get +1/+1.
Valid: When 1 of your Ninjas becomes the user of a Jutsu card with Combination, you can search your Deck for a Jutsu card with Combination in its effect text, reveal it, shuffle your Deck, then place that card on top of your Deck.

"This isn't the time to be throwing in the towel!"

  • Card Number: FotSN-919
  • Rarity: Super Rare
  • Card Type: Ninja
  • Symbol: Lightning / Wind
  • Combat Attribute: Oil
  • Hand Cost: 0
  • Entrance Cost: 3
  • Healthy Stats: 3/0
  • Injured Stats: 6/0
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