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Rumble, Temporal Sage / Rumble Lecter, Terror Awakened card scan: click to enlarge

Rumble, Temporal Sage / Rumble Lecter, Terror Awakened:

Awaken: At the start of your turn, name a card. Look at the bottom of your deck. If the named card is on the bottom of your deck, show it to your opponent, shuffle your deck, and flip this card.
Evil Soul

Whenever this creature would battle, destroy the other creature instead of battling.
Triple Breaker
Release (Whenever this creature would leave the battle zone, flip it instead.)
Evil Soul

With their new power of awakening, the forces of darkness shattered the Fiona Pact.

  • Collector Number: S5
  • Rarity: Super Rare
  • Type: Psychic Creature
  • Race: Demon Command
  • Power: 4000/15000
  • Cost: 7/14
  • Civilization: Darkness
  • Artist: ittoku
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