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games : Lord of the Rings, the Card Game : The Hunt for Gollum
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A New Terror Abroad:

Encounter set: The Hunt for Gollum
Encounter info: Journey Down the Anduin, Sauron's Reach, The Hunt for Gollum
Forced: At the beginning of the quest phase, the first player looks at the top 2 cards of the encounter deck. Reveal and add 1 of those cards to the staging area, and discard the other.

The wood was full of the rumor of him, dreadful tales even among beasts and birds. The Woodmen said that there was some new terror abroad, a ghost that drank blood. - The Fellowship of the Ring
Rumors have led you to the eaves of Mirkwood Forest, where the Woodmen whisper of a new terror in the night...

  • Number: 12
  • Rarity: F
  • Card Type: Quest
  • Hit / Quest points: 10
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