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Heretical Icon:

Akatsuki | Rain | Rinnegan | REINFORCEMENT
At the start of your turn, you can remove this Ninja from the game. In that case, move 1 Ninja card with "Pain" in its name from your Discard Pile to your Village with an Entrance cost less than or equal to your Turn Marker, ignoring its Sacrifice Requirement.
Valid: At the start of your turn, heal 1 of your "Rinnegan" Ninjas.

  • Card Number: IN-1333
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Card Type: Ninja
  • Symbol: Void
  • Combat Attribute: Ninjutsu
  • Hand Cost: 0
  • Entrance Cost: 3
  • Healthy Stats: 0/0
  • Injured Stats: 0/0
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TIP: Take advantage of being able to run 3 copies of this card. You may think it's second effect is pretty powerful, but it's actually better to use it for its first effect and even to Sacrifice it for your Pain Ninjas. You can just put in play another Heretical Icon with Pain (Naraka Path). Also, that way you can quickly power up Void World.
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Posted: December 25, 2012 01:54 pm 
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