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Kybar's Fang:

Power - Ancient Protector: (2) If an opponent has more Creatures in play than you and Kybar's Fang is a Relic, Kybar's Fang becomes a Creature instead of a Relic until the end of the turn. Add fourteen energy to Kybar's Fang whenever it becomes a Creature. Discard all energy from Kybar's Fang when it becomes a Relic. Effect: Kybar's Fang cannot be discarded from play by opposing cards that specifically discard Relics from play. Discard Kybar's Fang if your Magi is not a Kybar's Fang Magi.

  • Number: 140
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Card Type: Relic
  • Region: Kybar's Teeth
  • Energy: 8
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