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Add card image Skinner Chooses A Side

Skinner Chooses A Side:

Skills: +1 BUREAUCRACY, +1 SUBTERFUGE. Skinner is now immune to the "Skinner Adopts The Company Line" card. Place two tokens on this card. Discard a token to negate one Event card. Place this card below Skinner to remind you of the increased skills.
Play when Assistant Director Walter Skinner is in the Bureau Section of the table and the AFFILIATION of your opponent'sX-File is known. Add the following modifiers to Skinner's

  • Card Number: XF96-0243v1
  • Rarity: Ultra-Rare
  • Card Type: Event
  • Episode: End Game
  • Cost: 3 RP
  • Keywords: Event
  • Activators: Active
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