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Add card image Dana Scully, Abducted

Dana Scully, Abducted:

Skills: +1 ALIEN INVESTIGATION, +1 OCCULT INVESTIGATION, +1 OBSERVATION, Keyword BELIEVER. Place this card below Scully to remind you of the increased skills. Place two tokens on this card. Discard a token to search through your Bureau deck and add any Healing card to your hand. Show it to your opponent and shuffle your deck.
If an Abduction card is played on a Team of Agents that includes Scully, Scully must be the Agent abducted instead. When Agent Scully returns to play she has the following modifiers added to her

  • Card Number: XF96-0248v1
  • Rarity: Ultra-Rare
  • Card Type: Event
  • Episode: Ascension
  • Cost: 3 RP
  • Keywords: Event, Alien
  • Activators: Active
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