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Alien Harvester:

Lrc: N/A
Crc: N/A
Health: N/A
Your opponent may not spread out Agents until this card is resolved. Hold this card twelve inches up and twelve inches away from the opponent's Team. Flip the card so that it spins through the air. All of the Agents in the Investigating Team that are bing touched by the Alien Harvester are abducted! Discard any Equipment attached to the abducted Agents. The Agents are placed ten cards down, face up, in the Bureau deck. When the Agent cards reach the top of the deck, the Agents are immediately moved to the Hospital (though they are not damaged).

  • Card Number: XF96-0334v1
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Card Type: Adversary
  • Episode: Duane Barry
  • Cost: 4 CP
  • Keywords: Adversary, Alien, Phenomena
  • Activators: Conspiracy, ALIEN INVESTIGATION
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