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Add card image Agent Janus, Trained Medic

Agent Janus, Trained Medic:

Computer: 2
Evidence Collection: 1
Medical: 3
Lrc: 1
Crc: 1
Health: 4
Res: 1
Place 1 on this card. This may be used to pay for any Keyword MEDICAL or HEALING cards. If you use this , replace it during your Briefing Phase. In addition, if Janus is in the Field Section, he may "heal" one point of damage on another Agent in his Team, once per turn. This may prevent an Agent from going to the Hospital.

  • Card Number: XF97-0177v2
  • Rarity: Fixed
  • Card Type: Agent
  • Episode: Duane Barry
  • Cost: 4 RP
  • Keywords: Agent, FBI, Law
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