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Krycek, The Double Agent:

Play on Agent Krycek when he is in the Field and is involved in a skill check. Krycek engages one of the Team's Agents (opponent's choice) in Combat. No other Agents may contribute skills to the combat. If Krycek sends the chosen Agent to the Hospital within two rounds of combat, then Krycek stays on the team, otherwise he is removed from play. While Krycek is affected by this card he is considered a GOVERNMENT, MASTER Adversary. Cards that would cause Krycek to be discared simply negate the combat.

  • Card Number: XF97-0265v2
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Card Type: Event
  • Episode: Ascension
  • Cost: 6 CP
  • Keywords: Event, Government, Killer
  • Activators: Conspiracy
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