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The MoonlightDragon Strike-Siegwurm card scan: click to enlarge

The MoonlightDragon Strike-Siegwurm:

"During Your Opponent's Attack Phase (Lv. 1-2-3): When an opposing Spirit attacks, refresh this Spirit. When This Spirit Blocks (Lv. 2-3): When this Spirit destroys only an opposing Spirit based on Battle Point difference, return all other opposing Spirits with fewer BP than the destroyed Spirit back to your opponent's hand. When Braved: During Your Opponent's Attack Phase (Lv. 3): At the start of your opponent's Attack Phase, select a target opposing Spirit; if possible, the target Spirit must attack this turn."

  • Number: X04
  • Rarity: X Rare
  • Card Type: Spirit
  • Color: White
  • Spirit Type: Astral Deity/ Armed Machine
  • Cost: 6
  • Reduction: DDD
  • Gems: 1
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This card good for white blocking deck.
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Posted: February 23, 2014 04:29 am 
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