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games : Lord of the Rings, the Card Game : The Redhorn Gate
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Encounter set: The Redhorn Gate
Encounter info: The Redhorn Gate, Misty Mountains
When Revealed: Shuffle 1 more copy of Snowstorm into the encounter deck than the number of players in the game.
Forced: After placing the 11th progress token on Snowdrifts, discard any active location. Caradhras becomes the active location.

Progress slows as you meet the fury of the mountains. Sudden snows fall heavy around you, and a bitter wind howls down from the peaks. You uncover a shallow depression in the snow, filled with frozen remains. Some of them bear strange markings, as if they had been burned with flame. How many other doomed souls lie beneath the quickly rising drifts?

  • Number: 12
  • Rarity: F
  • Card Type: Quest
  • Hit / Quest points: 11
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