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Hida Amoro (Experienced 2) card scan: click to enlarge

Hida Amoro (Experienced 2):

Crab Clan • Shadowlands • Berserker • Undead • Experienced 2 • Unique

After Amoro enters play: Lose 5 Honor
Will only attach Followers with "Skeleton", "Skeletal", or "Zombie" in their titles.
Negate the effects of Plague tokens on Amoro.
Reaction: Before your turn begins, if Amoro is dead and in your discard pile: Shuffle him back into your Dynasty deck. After the next time this game he is revealed in one of your provinces or enters play from your deck, permanently give him +2 Gold Cost for each time you have taken this action this game.

  • Card Type: Personality
  • Clan: Crab
  • Force/Strength: 7
  • Chi: 2
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Number: 52
  • Gold: 10
  • Personal Honor: 1
  • Honor Requirement: -
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