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Hieratic Sun Dragon Overlord of Heliopolis card scan: click to enlarge

Hieratic Sun Dragon Overlord of Heliopolis:

2 Level 8 monsters
Once per turn: You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card; Tribute any number of monsters from your hand and/or your side of the field (minimum 1), then destroy an equal number of cards on the field.

  • Number: GAOV-EN048
  • Rarity: Secret Rare
  • Card Type: Monster / Effect / Xyz
  • Monster Type: Dragon
  • Attack Points: 3000
  • Defense Points: 2400
  • Level / Rank: 8
  • Attribute: Light
  • Password: 64332231
SP = Short Print (Common);
SSP = Super Short Print (Common);
DNPR = Duel Terminal Normal Parallel Rare;
DRPR = Duel Terminal Rare Parallel Rare;
DSPR = Duel Terminal Super Parallel Rare;
DUPR = Duel Terminal Ultra Parallel Rare;
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Avatar for tstratful11
do you want to trade for some really rare cards like loki lord of aisire and earthbound imortals ultimate rare good deal.
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Posted: August 3, 2012 04:49 am 
Avatar for synchroshablam
GREAT CARD. Only thing i Would treade 4 it is a Photon strike Bounzer or a Void Ogre Dragon (Love dat card)
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Posted: November 17, 2012 02:32 pm 
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