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The BullDragonDeity Dragonic-Taurus card scan: click to enlarge

The BullDragonDeity Dragonic-Taurus:

[LV1][LV2][LV3] Rage (When Attacks) Your opponent must block is possible. [LV2][LV3] (When Attacks) If this spirit is blocked, compare the symbols on the blocking spirit to this spirit. For each symbol more on this spirit, send one opposing life to the reserve. [LV3] (When Attacks) When comparing symbols with this spirit's effect, add one red symbol to this spirit for each of your "Astral Deity" and "Galaxian" spirits

  • Number: x1
  • Rarity: Zodiac X Rare
  • Card Type: Spirit
  • Color: Red
  • Spirit Type: Galaxian, Ancient Dragon
  • Cost: 7
  • Reduction: RRRR
  • Gems: 1
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