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games : Legend of the Five Rings : Forgotten Legacy
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Asako Kaitoko:

Phoenix Clan • Void • Shugenja • Inquisitor • Magistrate

Battle: Target an enemy Personality: Reduce his Force to 0. Destroy a card without attachments in his unit if he is Kolat, Ninja, or Shadowlands.

"They are guilty, and their lives forfeit. Favors, status, statue in the Empire... they will be as nothing to you. Deal harshly with tsukai, for you protect the purity of the Empire." - The teachings of Isawa Mitsuko

  • Card Type: Personality
  • Clan: Phoenix
  • Force/Strength: 4
  • Chi: 3
  • Rarity: Fixed
  • Number: 30
  • Gold: 8
  • Personal Honor: 4
  • Honor Requirement: 0
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