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Yusuke, Unleashed card scan: click to enlarge

Yusuke, Unleashed:

(1) 6000: Life Energy: Deal 1 point of damage to this character.
(2) 8000: Enraged: You can only perform this attack when this character has 2 or more points of damage.
Effect: Berserk: If you have no characters on your Sideline, all your attacks gain +3000 Attack Value and when you deal your opponent's fighter any points of damage, you can deal 1 additional point of damage to any character in play.

  • Rarity: S
  • Number: 21
  • Card Type: Hero/Team Leader
  • Team: Urameshi
  • Defense: 5500
C = Common TC = Tournament Common
R = RareTR = Tournament Rare
S = Spirit RareTS = Tournament Spirit Rare
U = Über RareTU = Tournament Über Rare
G = Ghost RareTG = Tournament Ghost Rare
P = PromoTP = Tournament Promo
L = LeagueST = Starter deck
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