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Botan, the Lovely:

(2) 500: Oar Swing: If Kayko, the Cute is in play, increase the Defense of all of your characters by 500 Defense for the rest of the game.
Sideline Effect: Bingo!: This effect may only be used at the end of your turn. You may discard the top card of your deck. If it is an item or technique your opponent draws a card. If Yusuke, Resourceful Apprentice is in play, your opponent draws 2 cards instead.

  • Rarity: L
  • Number: L-1
  • Card Type: Hero
  • Team: Koenma
  • Defense: 3000
C = Common TC = Tournament Common
R = RareTR = Tournament Rare
S = Spirit RareTS = Tournament Spirit Rare
U = Über RareTU = Tournament Über Rare
G = Ghost RareTG = Tournament Ghost Rare
P = PromoTP = Tournament Promo
L = LeagueST = Starter deck
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