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Team Rokuyukai`s Hidden Power card scan: click to enlarge

Team Rokuyukai's Hidden Power:

Until your next Draw Step all of your opponent's attacks cannot deal your characters in play more than 1 point of damage.
If you have the Rokuyukai Team Bonus, you can play this card from your Discard Pile as if it were in your hand. If you do, shuffle this card into your Deck.

  • Rarity: R
  • Number: 58
  • Card Type: Event
  • Spirit Energy: 2
C = Common TC = Tournament Common
R = RareTR = Tournament Rare
S = Spirit RareTS = Tournament Spirit Rare
U = Über RareTU = Tournament Über Rare
G = Ghost RareTG = Tournament Ghost Rare
P = PromoTP = Tournament Promo
L = LeagueST = Starter deck
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