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Shizuru, Gifted Seer card scan: click to enlarge

Shizuru, Gifted Seer:

(1) 0: Predictions: This attack gains +2000 Attack Value for each unit of Spirit required by the top card of your Deck.
Effect: Foreknowledge: Play with the top card of your Deck face-up. You may pay 1 Spirit Energy to play the top card of your Deck as if it was in your hand. You must still pay all costs associated with that card.
Sideline Effect: Main: Good Relations: Choose a Team Symbol in play. Until your next Draw Step, this character gains that Team Symbol.

  • Rarity: C
  • Number: 130
  • Card Type: Hero
  • Team: Ronin
  • Defense: 4500
C = Common TC = Tournament Common
R = RareTR = Tournament Rare
S = Spirit RareTS = Tournament Spirit Rare
U = Über RareTU = Tournament Über Rare
G = Ghost RareTG = Tournament Ghost Rare
P = PromoTP = Tournament Promo
L = LeagueST = Starter deck
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