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Water General of Wave-like Spirals, Benedict card scan: click to enlarge

Water General of Wave-like Spirals, Benedict:

[AUTO](RC): At the beginning of the close step of the battle where this unit attacks a vanguard, if you have an «Aqua Force» vanguard, Stand this unit, this unit gets [Power]-5000 until end of turn, and this ability cannot be used until end of turn.

The power of the waves is the power to rotate. Repeat that and you have the spiral power.

  • Number: PR-0079
  • Rarity: Promo
  • Clan: Aqua Force
  • Nation: Magallanica
  • Race: Aquaroid
  • Power: 10000
  • Grade / Skill: Grade 3 / Twin Drive!!
  • Trigger: None
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Avatar for toshiki_riku
Strong card also reliable for attacking RGs if your opponent has 11k base power VG I also like the artwork and the flavor text
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Posted: November 9, 2013 04:45 pm 
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