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games : Lord of the Rings, the Card Game : Over Hill and Under Hill
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Overhanging Rock:

Encounter set: Over the Misty Mountains Grim
While Overhanging Rock is the active location, it gains: "Action: spend 1 [Baggins] resource to look at the top 2 cards of your deck. Add 1 of those to your hand and discard the other."

"This won't do at all!" said Thorin. "If we don't get blown off or drowned, or struck by lightning, we shall be picked up by some giant and kicked sky-high for a football." - Thorin Oakenshield, The Hobbit

  • Number: 68
  • Rarity: F
  • Card Type: Location
  • Willpower / Threat strength: 2
  • Hit / Quest points: 3
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