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games : Legend of the Five Rings : Promotional: CWF
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Nonhuman • Naga • Shugenja • Shaman

Limited: Any number of times per turn, bow Ashlim and bow another of your performing Personalities: Permanently remove Shadowlands from the Personality.

Strange creatures, the mythical Naga, rose from the forest and screamed in unknown tongues. Mirumoto Daini was sent to parlay with the odd beasts, and only he knew where their allaiance would lead. - IV.VI

  • Card Type: Personality
  • Clan: Naga
  • Force/Strength: 1
  • Chi: 2
  • Rarity: Promo
  • Number: 5
  • Gold: 4
  • Personal Honor: 1
  • Honor Requirement: 0
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