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The Twelve Ronin:

Ronin • Cavalry • Unique

Can only attach to a Toturi's Army Personality.
Battle: Once per battle: Ranged 3 Attack.
Battle: Any number of times per turn, bow this card: Ranged 3 Attack.

The Lion, once unified by honor, began to fight among themselves - for the Emperor, or for the Empire? As they did, a mighty voice was heard on the field: "For the Tsuko, and for the Empire!" With his cry, Toturi rallied the Lion, and they turned to fight the Dark God as one. - X.IV

  • Card Type: Follower
  • Force/Strength: 4
  • Chi: 0
  • Rarity: Promo
  • Number: 88
  • Gold: 8
  • Personal Honor: -
  • Focus Value: 4
  • Honor Requirement: 2
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