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Hida Kisada (Emperor) card scan: click to enlarge

Hida Kisada (Emperor):

Crab Clan • Clan Champion • Samurai • Kensai • Siege • Tactician • Loyal • Unique • Little Bear

Reaction: When another player's Battle action would target Kisada: He outmaneuvers it. Choose another Personality you control at Kisada's location. The action targets the Personality instead, if legal.
Battle: Target an enemy card with lower Force: Destroy it.

"Grant me wisdom, great-grandfather. Show me the path."

  • Card Type: Personality
  • Clan: Crab
  • Force/Strength: 7
  • Chi: 5
  • Rarity: Promo
  • Number: 44
  • Gold: 12
  • Personal Honor: 3
  • Honor Requirement: 0
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