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games : The War (Russian game) : Stalingrad II
Military engineers (1942) card scan: click to enlarge

Military engineers (1942):

First line unit
Beginning of opponent's attack phase, Tap, {D}: until end of turn power of opponent's Howitzers support decrease by 1. Opponent cannot use Mortars. Beginning of opponent's attack phase, If Opponent not attacked in previous turn, Tap, {D}{D}{P}{P}: all 1st line units gains in defense 0/+1 until end of turn.

  • Number: ST-074
  • Rarity: C
  • Card Type: Line infantry
  • Team Affiliation: Soviet Union
  • ATK / DEF: 1/2
  • Building or Playing Cost: 2/1/0
  • Line: 1 Infantry
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