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games : The War (Russian game) : Stalingrad III
FW-189 (1941) card scan: click to enlarge

FW-189 (1941):

Second line unit
Tap: opponent must show its hand
{F}: targetted attack to the 1st line unit with bombing power 1
Tap, {F}{F}: Howitzers can hits to selected units on 2nd opponent's line. Hit power equals supporting bonuces, which Howitzer gains usually attacking units. After hit Howitzer tapped and gains no damage
Can be intercepted by fighter, when use its ability, without using its ability

  • Number: ST-220
  • Rarity: C
  • Card Type: Reconnaissance aircraft
  • Team Affiliation: Germany
  • ATK / DEF: 1/1 (1)
  • Building or Playing Cost: 1/3/1
  • Line: 2 Aviation
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