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Gorman Drip v1 card scan: click to enlarge

Gorman Drip v1:

Whenever the Corp spends a [Click] to draw 1 card or gain 1 [Credits] (not through a card ability), place 1 virus counter on Gorman Drip v1.
[Click], [Trash]: Gain 1 [Credits] for each virus counter on Gorman Drip v1.

Simple in principle, a drip virus drains fractions of currency from their accounts into yours.

  • Card Number: 5
  • Quantity: 3
  • Side: Runner
  • Faction: Criminal
  • Card Type: Program
  • Card Subtype: Virus
  • Cost: 1
  • Influence: 1
  • Agenda Points / Strength / Memory Cost: -/1
  • Unique: No
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