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Seiko No Shiryo:

Scorpion Clan • Unique

Reaction: Any number of times per turn, but only once per challenge, after a Scorpion Clan Personality is challenged, bow this card: The player whose Personality is issuing the challenge must discard a card at random, or discard three cards at random if the challenged Personality is this one.

"The blood of magistrates runs in Ogura's veins. Perhaps that is his secret." - Bayushi Paneki

  • Card Type: Ancestor
  • Clan: Scorpion
  • Force/Strength: 0
  • Chi: +1
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Number: 36
  • Gold: 0
  • Personal Honor: -
  • Focus Value: 3
  • Honor Requirement: 0
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