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Endless Heaven, True Holy Church/Neverend, True Destiny King card scan: click to enlarge

Endless Heaven, True Holy Church/Neverend, True Destiny King:

* Whenever one of your creatures is destroyed, you may add the top card of your deck to your shields face down.

* Dragsolution - At the end of your turn, if you have more shields than your opponent, flip this card to the dragheart creature side and untap it. (At the start of the game, draghearts are put into your hyperspatial zone. If it leaves the battle zone, return it there.)

* Whenever your Dragons attack, you may choose 1 of your opponent's creatures and tap them. That creature doesn't untap at the start of your opponent's next turn.

* Triple Breaker

* True Escape: When this creature would leave the battle zone, you may add 2 of your shields to your hand instead. (You can't use the "shield trigger" abilities of those shields.)

  • Collector Number: V1
  • Rarity: Victory Rare
  • Type: Dragheart Creature
  • Race: Angel Command Dragon
  • Power: /14500
  • Mana Number: 0
  • Cost: 5/10
  • Civilization: Light
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