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Daring Sleuth // Bearer of Overwhelming Truths card scan: click to enlarge

Daring Sleuth // Bearer of Overwhelming Truths:

When you sacrifice a Clue, transform Daring Sleuth.

"No matter the cost, I must discover the source of these strange happenings."

Bearer of Overwhelming Truths

Color: Blue

Creature — Human Wizard (3/2)

Prowess (Whenever you cast a noncreature spell, this creature gets +1/+1 until end of turn.)

Whenever Bearer of Overwhelming Truths deals combat damage to a player, investigate. (Put a colorless Clue artifact token onto the battlefield with "{2}, Sacrifice this artifact: Draw a card.")

  • Number: 54
  • Rarity: U
  • Power: 2
  • Toughness: 1
  • Type: Creature
  • Subtype: Human Rogue
  • Mana cost: 1U
  • Color: Blue
  • Artist: Seb McKinnon
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