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games : Cardfight!! Vanguard : V Extra Booster 02: Champions of the Asia Circuit
Dimensional Robo, Daimariner card scan: click to enlarge

Dimensional Robo, Daimariner:

[AUTO](RC):When placed, COST [Soul Blast (1)], choose one of your vanguards, for the battle that that unit attacked during this turn, while your opponent calls guardians from his or her hand, he or she must call two or more at the same time.

  • Number: V-EB02-021
  • Rarity: R
  • Clan: Dimension Police
  • Nation: Star Gate
  • Race: Battleroid
  • Power: 8000
  • Shield: 10000
  • Grade / Skill: Grade 1 / Boost
  • Trigger: None
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