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games : Legend of the Five Rings : Diamond Edition
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Isawa Moriko:

Phoenix Clan • Water • Shugenja • Acolyte • Soul of Isawa Tomo

Battle: Any number of times per turn, bow Moriko and target a unit at one of the Defender's provinces' battlefields: Move it to different battlefield.

"Her soothing touch healed the wounds of many injured soldiers. She is a priceless treasure to the Shiba, and hundreds would die to protect her." - Shiba Mirabu

  • Card Type: Personality
  • Clan: Phoenix
  • Force/Strength: 1
  • Chi: 3
  • Rarity: Uncommon
  • Number: 135
  • Gold: 8
  • Personal Honor: 2
  • Honor Requirement: 5
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