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Severe Bruises card scan: click to enlarge

Severe Bruises:

Place this card on your opponent's Main Personality. Your opponent lowers his anger to 0 and he may not raise his anger level until he places a Drill in play. Discard this card when your opponent places a Drill into play. Limit 1 per deck. Remove from the game after use.
My records don't show you with anywhere near this strength!
Errata: This card does not have “Remove from the game after use.”

  • Number: 112
  • Rarity: 5
  • Type: Non-Combat
  • Character: Android 19
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I have this card for sale for anyone looking to buy. Mint condition.

corycow6 at gmail dot com
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Posted: June 22, 2014 01:05 am 
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